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  1. if any one has unwanted hardbacks i would gladly accept them 83 chaucer road s5 9ql thank you i upcycle them and put love back int o them x
  2. salsafan did you manage to sort this as im looking for hardbk books as many as i can get that look general adverage size of most novels xxxxxxxxxxx ---------- Post added 08-04-2015 at 08:19 ---------- anyone looking to rid books particularly hardback ill use upcycle them pleae pm me or come by 83 chaucer rd s5 9ql x thanks x
  3. where can i begin to look or learn i wanted to do a stall on cheap side as im now unemployed and things arre tight i book fold can anyone help i was loooking like the week before valentines? i live in s5 the more local the better x
  4. baby2babyuk you need to write a book get it out of your system - i was looking for necessities products items against unnecessary products so then we would have key things recommended from parents such as cot, pram , bouncer , high chair , or bumbo seat, manual/electric breat pump if your expessing, steriliser bottels and cleaner, moses basket , playmat, walker, door bouncer some of the uness are bottle warmer, and a few others i cant think of because i didnt buy into the market alot - used second hand things alot dont see the point if things are in good nic to no longer use, and to spend shed loads on a new one. so eva is 17 months old walking and trying to chat back- she is becoming very demanding for attention as we had four weeks in ireland surrounded by my family she has been teething and at night i took the lazy route and took her to sleep beside me in bed , how i wish i never did that now i need to lie with her to get her to stop crying after an attemp putting her in the cot and if and when we go to put her in the cot she begins to cry if she wasnt fully asleep when i try move her. also she has began tantrums sometimes she goes to bang her head with her hand or on the floor or sofa i want to nip it in the bud whats the best solution anyone - i am gna have to try not give in to getting her when she roars for attention to leave her cry , crying herself to sleep , stand ground and leave her to fall to sleep that she will get used to getting to sleep herself again ???
  5. nice small one in the new moor cake n bake .... they will have more space in opposite unit within a few wks but also tthere is a raffle for cake making with money off pick up a leaflet soon as think date was 25th jan... top 3 get prizes
  6. a cake shop? full of decorating stuff i live locally here can you tell me more ? never come across it
  7. in need of a babysitter/childminder for my daughter 16months old, starting mid Jan 14 on monday eve's so i can go to college i'd need about 4pm- 8.30pm but i may be back sooner then this (using buses) . we live in s5 and near asda and would so love a really local person. if there is any one available for these times do email me on lola_beatty@hotmail.com obviously a crb is reassuring and any references/experience or registered may well encourage my decision
  8. Sale Amount 20 Reason for Rehome / Sale rehome Time Scale – How Urgent? Urgent! Has the Cat ever been in Rescue no Location s5 Age & Sex 3 months male Vaccinated & Wormed no Neutered & Micro chipped no Breed/ Mix don't know Colour/markings white body black spot on belly black tail and blach zorro like mask markings on upper dace ears Long/Shorthaired medium Live in / Or in and out. in Used to a cat flap not yet Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues no Temperament calm mostly sleep, playful OK with Dogs / Cats. Unsure Can the Cat be picked up and put in a basket without risk of scratching yes Can the Cat be groomed without risk of scratching don't know Good or Bad with Children good Dislike of Men or Women no Housetrained yes Any further General Information you can share. __________________very cuddly loving, sleeps in bed on us loves close ness eats both gravy meat mostly and some biscuits Lost your cat ---------- Post added 14-08-2013 at 22:39 ---------- Urgent sale not gone by 2m partner putting him out on street and I don't want this but can't stop him, and urgent would love some one to come by get him now.
  9. Hi my parents are stayin in sheff for tonight they are looking for a centre restauraunt hat serves good meat /fish dishes good to great amtmosphere Price service?? Thanks!
  10. Have a small collection of 24 vinyls elvis vinyls/records ..... in good to great cond I think there is one or two box/casing only that's not too kept together obviosly one most liked , if I wrre to sell would I be expecting much don't even think anyone on here would be interested.... Or know where I can go or tot em up or adverage expectancy for such things !?
  11. I hate it too, we got custody back of my partners daughter at a year old bot seeing her from the age of 6months..... And she had hers done didn't even ask of consent of my partner , her father. They are horrible chavvy and they hurt herso we take em out when we see her fortnightly but yet the mother puts em bk in. Time and time again, poor girl
  12. id put vaseline or sudocream , could try bepanthen a baby nappy rash cream its really good , i hope you'll be ok, be strong . i dont know if they'll do it but could try br seen in hosp by breast clininc? or ane
  13. they sound like they due to excessive sweating, although its best to have it checked out by your gp to be on the safe side as a rash is one of the many signs of some serious things such as cancer but on the other hand i dont want to frighten you but i would get it seen to pronto
  14. i totally agree, if i had the money. low budget at the moment so looking further in 2013 or even 2014... its between two - this one and one in ireland as im from there and always had my heart set on somewher are yougetting , are you married - i hope you find somewhere y.ou love peak edge hotel is quite lovely too simply down to money. with regard the workload iv only ever known venues to cater never gone about or seen a DIY total do in a venue for a wedding branching all the way to bar and caterers tables and chairs , just a few steps more which if i choose it i will not hesitate in taking those steps
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