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Cattery or home service?


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We are going on holiday for 2 weeks in summer and need someone to look after our cat.

Which do people think is best for the cats, going to a cattery or getting someone to come in and feed etc?

He is 7 months old so has never been in a cattery before. We originally thought house service as he would be in his own surroundings, but then we wouldn't want him to get lonely or trying to run out of the door to look for us.

Price is not an issue as there isn't much difference between the cattery we would be using and the house service, just want to cause the least distress possible for him while we are away!



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I personally think that a pet sitter is a great idea, I have used one several times , If you need a recommendation please pm me ,these are the reasons for my statement

There is no journey journey in a car to a cattery boarding house or being put into a cat basket which is usually stressful as the cat thinks its time for the vet again!

Cat can keep its normal routine, sleeping and eating as usual seeing their usual friends or if a house cat having its own toys to play with in a familiar environment.

The cat gets some dedicated/love attention by a visiting Pet Sitter for up to 1 hour twice a day or as many times as you want.

Also they will put out rubbish /clean cat trays and make sure your home is safe , removing mail everyday etc also they will close curtains and open them in the morning.

Most good pet sitters will have a dedicated vet on call and will also give tender loving care if the cat is ill

Finally your cat will not be exposed to other infectious deceases or stress. A good pet sitter is aware of them wanting to be out and will guard against this.

Over the last 8 years i have used this kind of service which has always worked for me.

I chose some one who is enhanced CRB checked / fully insured and had references that i could check.

My cat has been to a nice cattery once but lost weight and was very stressed, cats love their home environment.

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i agree with jennyhenny,


i do half hour visits,where i feed,sift cat litter and play with your cat,i can move mail water plants etc,


a lot of people do prefer to keep there cats in familiar surroundings,


if you are interested in my services please inbox me,or visit my website,thankyou

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I have a pet sitter for my indoor cats its so less stressfull for them to be at home,i would recommend them highly and my cats love my pet sitter shes a star,sorts post,puts bin out ect an charges £6.00 per day for 2 visits to feed n do litter trays ect

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