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  1. Long shot but my grandson left his wallet on the X78 Rotherham to Sheffield containing his Prov license,debit card,travel pass and rail card with money ect,know its a long shot but has anyone found one and handed in. Rung bus company but they wont tell us till tomorrow Thanks
  2. How are people supposed to see potholes filled with water,dark road? does not mean we are all idiot and careless drivers.You cant always avoid as some of them are so close together you havent a chance
  3. Will do in the morning by e-mail tried ringing and oh joy put on hold...lines busy so I will fill in the form on line.
  4. Theres a few huge pot holes going down that road 1 is massive just before you get to the new Nursing home before the crossing,and theres another one just past funeral place shicking road.
  5. Yeah a big family ....blanche was my ex sister in law she passed away a few yrs ago she married my ex husbands brother. There was Dolly n cant remember other names think.there was at least 12 kids
  6. we have to park half on the pavement on my road but the other sides clear or no traffic could get up or down,so its not all bad as 1sides clear...think most narrow side streets are the same.
  7. i love Q Tattoo in Orchard Square brilliant artist
  8. Tommys stall in the new market and Evolution in Orchsrd Square
  9. Cutbacks to the bone...sad times older people are suffering because the Top Dogs have to save money and their high salaries at the expensecof our senior citizens shocking and disgraceful.
  10. I use this and its really good brings rings ect up brilliantly
  11. i live on Minto and its a total nightmare...people park then go and get the tram to work,nursery staff use the road to park all day as do Social Services thats without all the shoppers.It never used to be like this.I had to complain time and again as they park of the disabled bay no courtesy as long as they can squeeze in thats ok. Not sure if residents permits will work as Council suggested but plans did show they would reduce parking spaces!!!
  12. i know a brilliant one...he comes and trims my magnolia its 20 foot high !!! and growing. He trims every year..takes all away n really good...my tree looks fab and healthy,he uses all prpoer equipment ect. When he first did it i was like omg its never going to look okay it was cut back and that year looked the best ever.
  13. ecclesfield tyres do a good deal and good advice wont try to sell you most expensive ones i always use them very good service
  14. smokey sams moved to new market sells e-cigs.chargers,cases,liquid brilliant shop n good deals
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