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  1. Hi, Just on the off chance that anyone is travelling to London on Friday 8th Feb and would like to offer a lift and save on fuel cost We are quite flexible with time travelling down there, but need to be in London for about 5pm, returning around 10.30-12pm if possible! I know its a long shot but if you don't ask... Thanks!
  2. Hey, Can anyone recommend someone to do eyebrow threading at my home? Looking to get them done for the first time tomorrow and would rather get it done at home! Please pm me if you can recommend someone good, thanks!
  3. Thanks a lot for your reply, I moved house around beginning of June so this may be why I didn't receive one. Will ring them and hopefully get them to send me another letter
  4. Hello everyone thanks for the replies. We are looking at possibly moving to Derby area as it is within commuting distance to Nottingham for myself and Sheffield for my partner
  5. Hello, I know this may be a long shot but I am trying to contact my old manager when I worked on the Census 2011 data collection, as I need to contact him for a job reference. He is called Peter (cant remember his surname!), he was the Data Collection Manager for the Sheffield area and he lives in Oughtibridge. Please if anyone can help in any way this would be much appreciated! P.S I have already contacted Office of National Statistics with no luck!
  6. Hello, I know there are some other threads on this but they're quite outdated now. I have a job lined up in Nottingham city centre (bridlesmith gate) and have to be in the office for about 8-8.15am. Does anyone know how long this is likely to take at this time of day? I live in Grenoside. Thanks in advance for your help!
  7. anyone know if the 77 is running? both directions? thanks me ode muckas
  8. Hello, I have hardy fly rod for sale - please see for sale section, thanks
  9. Hi everyone, I'm looking for a wedding dress to hire, does anyone know of any shops that provide this instead of buying a dress? We are getting married 18 months earlier than expected due to family circumstances so our budget is very tight and can't afford to buy an expensive dress. I have looked at several dresses from debenhams etc which have been nice and reasonable money, however I'm just wondering if I could get a dress that's a bit more special by hiring it rather than buying? Any help is appreciated as this is all a lot quicker than I anticipated and don't really know where to start at the moment! Thanks
  10. Hello, We are going on holiday for 2 weeks in summer and need someone to look after our cat. Which do people think is best for the cats, going to a cattery or getting someone to come in and feed etc? He is 7 months old so has never been in a cattery before. We originally thought house service as he would be in his own surroundings, but then we wouldn't want him to get lonely or trying to run out of the door to look for us. Price is not an issue as there isn't much difference between the cattery we would be using and the house service, just want to cause the least distress possible for him while we are away! Thanks!
  11. Hello, I'm looking for anyone within travelling distance from s35 that is looking for someone to help look after their horse. I have just started horse riding and am currently having lessons. I'm a 22 year old woman and have a little experience of mucking out etc! I would love to gain more experience by helping out with a horse as I unfortunately can't afford to have lessons as much as I would like! I am currently at uni and due to go on placement as I'm a nursing student so would be available a couple of days a week but different times due to shifts! If anyone can point me in the right direction that would be appreciated :-) Thanks!
  12. Hello, One of the questions I came across in a recent telephone interview was: "If the client doesn't want to pay the 25% that you are charging and only wants to pay 15% - how would you negotiate this? " The companies I am applying for are the best in the business which is why they charge such a high rate. Can anyone help me with this answer? I did say that we are charging a high rate because our service is the best and we can provide you with the best candidates, however if you are not wanting to pay the full rate Im sure we can come to some deal as we value your business. Has anyone got any other tactics to use? Thanks
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