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A61, South of Chesterfield

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Another A61 thread, but this is different from the usual Woodseats, Meadowhead, Penistone Road, Halifax Rd and Grenoside ones. (Also not actually Sheffield, but near enough for some SFers to know).


Although it’s not a road I’m familiar with I’ve recently travelled along the A61, south of Chesterfied, a couple of times. As you leave the 30 limit, travelling South, it becomes a 50 limit. Does anyone know if this is a recent addition, (ie in the last 2 or 3 years), and if so, what was it before?


The reason I ask is that my Sat Nav says it is a 30 limit. It’s not unusual for my Sat Nav to be wrong, as it is a few years old and therefore odd details may be out of date. It just surprises me that a road might have been changed from 30 to 50, assuming it has. So, has it changed from 30 to 50 and my Sat Nav is out of date, or is my Sat Nav just plain wrong?

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50 mph pretty much all the way to Alfreton apart from through Clay Cross and other built up areas.


I seem to recall some of the stretches that are 50 were once NSL (national speed limit -ie 60) but probably going back some years now - it's a road I've used on and off for over 30 years.

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