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Pure Gym @ Drakehouse


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I have nothing but trouble from them! Charging me full price even though I froze my membership after a injury. Then charged my again after cancelling and as I had nothing in my back at both times I got hit with a £25 fine on top of the £17.99 fee. I even emailled them explaining all about freezing it and being injured and not being about to work therefore no money in my bank. They didn't care and said it was my fault for freezing few days before the fee came out.....well thanks for tell me when I should have froze it and how to actually cancel it when I joined. Rant over.......very very annoyed. Thanks Pure Gym for robbing me.

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Try a "pay as you train" fitness club, if you don't get the standard of service you expect then walk away.


Every Tuesday, 7.15pm at Westfield Sports Centre.


Fun workouts, friendly atmosphere and our class members see very fast results. Class members begin to see improvements within 7 days of starting and go onto to see amazing results within 6 weeks.


One session a week, thats all you need.

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I just did a search on the Planning Portal for S20 7JJ which is the postcode for Drakehouse Retail Park and nothing comes up for Pure Gym, they would have to apply for the permission as well as change of use.


EDIT - and I just noticed this thread is months old and yet again spammed by Shef Fitness :roll:

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