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  1. my mum worked at mannings for 26 years, I worked at Andersons and Shepard's when I left school
  2. It is the new life centre starting to look really good inside, its a far cry from the bowling alley and very strange being in there when I used to spend so much time in there when it was bowling as my son was in the bowling club there. I got to slimming world there now.
  3. yes they are building a new community centre and library on the old tannery lodge site
  4. please click on link and like their pic only takes 10 seconds ty https://tinyurl.com/kl4yjlp
  5. no they don't, I work in a school and we get to know ages before
  6. If schools didn't have a couple of months notice that ofsted were coming a hell of a lot more school would get worse results than they do some are a lot better at covering the cracks than others, I personally don't think there should be any advance warning they should just turn up
  7. The old man that owned it has retired but a family member is still running another one in town, it wasn't the rent it was the opening hours that made his mind up
  8. I know there is a thread already but seems quite old does anyone have any recommendations that don't need to sell your house to pay for ty
  9. Bazbeamer I moved into cairns cottages in 1973, my mum and dad still live there, I was born on Victoria road and moved and moved with my family and grandma when they were knocked down into another of Mr Hardcastles houses
  10. Yep just been on news the first of black Fridays, there is 2 this year because of how Christmas falls
  11. it was so loud going into arena tonight the people in the bowl must be deaf when they come out
  12. can anyone tell me if there is a reliable site where I could turn a photo into a sketch please ?
  13. I live on a major bus route with buses passing my house every few minutes and I wouldn't like to begin to say how many of these monsters pass with one or 2 people on or even empty
  14. cheapest place to go to have a ton of sharp sand delivered to s13 thankyou
  15. this post was from October last year no sorry
  16. I think it would depend on who you work for is it the school or someone like Taylor Shaw, the staff in our Kitchen get their dinner but that's Taylor Shaw
  17. yes its going to be a Chinese restaurant
  18. I can assure you I am not getting into debt for it
  19. Its modern times thing evolve my daughter and her friends are having a stretched hummer when they finish junior school in July and they are so exited about it. and a lovely memory for them to have
  20. I would say you could do it especially if you bought to offer veg from such as lidl and cheaper meat cuts and such as beans and cheap bread wouldn't be an exiting prospect but could be done
  21. Excel martial arts and dance is a family run company that makes such a difference to lots of families please vote on link below and help us to grow thankyou https://www.vmbvoom.com/pitches/excel-academy-excel-in-life
  22. The centre is open before 9am we were there this morning at 5 past 9 and there were loads of people already walking around inside and quite a few shops were open
  23. you could go and hand it in at the main post office on manor
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