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Sheffield club mascots


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When I was a kid it used to be Bertie Blade for United and Ozzie Owl for Wednesday. I also had a World Cup Willie but that's a story for another time maybe.:blush:


Nowadays, what have we got?


Bertie Blade, that charming character with a long slim body and cheeky smile, has gone. Instead we've got the dumbest looking, fattest, unfittest, cross-eyed, swivel-sworded Pirate that you ever did see. And - as if that's not enough - he sometimes has a bloody parrot or two out on the pitch with him as well. Sorry, but what's that got to do with Sheffield United and our proud heritage? OK so there's a blade in there in terms of the swords - but we might as well have an Hawaiian dancing girl in a grass skirt and say the connection is the "blades" of grass. It would be no less stupid and an awful lot better to look at.


I don't know if Wednesday still have that Ozzie Owl thing. He used to wear a straw boater in the olden days. On my last visit to Hillsboro I didn't see any Ozzie Owl - so maybe he's gone to roost now for good. Let us know Owls - I'd be fascinated with such trivia!


I understand Sean Bean raised the issue of Captain Blade mascot in a boardroom meeting and wanting him out. "Get rid of the fat simple looking one" I imagine he said.


Not long after that, Warnock was sacked. :o

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Barney came in, in the late 90's I think they had a couple of years out spreading their wings due to cost cuttings in the mid 2000's then Lee Strafford brought them back as far as I recall.


There was Ozzie, then they added Ollie, and a couple of years later there was Barney too.

I think that Ollie left to go to boarding school somewhere.

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