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  1. Thanks to update to my original post we just have the one shower. Would welcome any further views. It seems all the ex council 3 bed semi houses had a traditional system. Does anyone know does the council change the conventional systems to combi's on their properties?
  2. Just wanted to see what the general thoughts are out there re boilers. First time I've had to purchase one. Live in a 3 bed semi 1950s build so decent size with the Mrs and 4 year old. Need a new boiler it seems to be the done thing to go with a combi. With the perceived advantages being more space/less noise as a result of the the hot water tank being removed. Also unlimited hot water. Had a chat with my dad, he and my mum have a similar size house to mine. His thought is he'd never go with a combi feels the traditional system is more reliable. Also the traditional system allows for back up hot water. I'm sure they'll be other advantages/disadvantages though would welcome your thoughts Thanks 
  3. Hi all, 9 years since the last comment. In 2019 what do feel are the best charity shops, does Broomhill, Eccy Rd still get the most votes?
  4. Hi, I looking for a club which plays card games. This is for someone who enjoys playing complex games with playing cards not the usual chase the ace etc. Does anyone know of anything which may be suitable for the person I have in mind Many Thanks
  5. Only worth selling him if we get enough ££ to purchase a replacement who is going to do the same job. Which means in today's market I'd want 10,000,000+ for Lees
  6. Well technically in discussion people do often refer to the second choice keeper as 'our number 2' Dejphon probably just thought it made sense. Then with so many others being double numbers, it probably a chance to get more money from us all at £3-4 a number when getting them on the shirts.
  7. The scarves are donated by Wednesdayite at a cost of 8k. They'll be placed in the blocks behind the goal on the kop. Do everyone won't get one but all are encouraged to bring their scarf and wave it around and sing to the top of your voice!!!!
  8. Disgusting price, however I can see the business sense in it.............We now have about 20k season ticket holders. Many of these in previous years would've been the walk up fans. Also with membership (albeit £50) a fan can get the Villa game for £32 which Chansiri will view as fair. After this group of fans there are then few fans who'll pay anyway given it is on sky so the powers that be will probably think this group will come whether they charge £25 or £42.
  9. I've learnt to be pessimistic at times supporting Wednesday but do feel confident ahead of Sunday. Villa have some players who should have performed much better than they did last year but I feel for them it'll be hard to change a losing mentality. For us I see us being able to press on given the squad now with Pudil re signing is largely unchanged and now with a good addition in Abdi. I'm predicting a 2-0 win and crowd of 27000
  10. £48 is roughly correct though often more too. If someone is at the point where a day centre is apt for them such a person would normally qualify for attendance allowance which is £55 per week. AA is for using for such expenses and would be a good use of such a benefit. ---------- Post added 03-08-2016 at 00:19 ---------- Age UK also offer their own Dementia day centre, though not cheap:- http://www.ageuk.org.uk/sheffield/our-services1/wellbeing-centre/
  11. I think this looks very positive, yes the fees aren't ideal. However I would say to anyone looking for services that this could be very cost effective especially when you consider how much cheaper a PA is rather than having a £14+ per hr care agency. Something very much worth looking into for all needing services and I wish Disability Sheffield every success with this!
  12. My mother in law has my son Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Normally they go to a couple of age apt groups but these are both cancelled during the 6 weeks holidays. When looking for ideas to give her it seems all groups I'm finding are for school age children. Has anyone got any info on toddler activities during the summer which I can share with my mother in law? Many thanks
  13. Just found this thread, rather pleased to see were creating our own forum swop shop. Reminds me of going to ponds forge for the merlin premier league swap shop many years ago. I'll get my swaps listed when I've built up the collection a bit more. The forum (div st) swap shop sounds great.
  14. Another goal for George again at the weekend. It will be very interesting to monitor his development. I just hope when when/if he is in the first team fans remain patient. Which I imagine the majority will, we tend to be more patient with our own as has been the case with Liam Palmer at times. With George I imagine he could get away with almost anything before fans would get on his back.
  15. Based on the current policy or £20 tickets. Whichever this isn't really relevant. Even if we had won every home game 5-0 there would still be a great number of fans who either can't afford current prices or won't pay it out of principle. I can see the view of the stay away fans if I didn't have a season ticket I couldn't afford or justify the match day prices. This is a time for bringing back fans/attracting new fans not alienating many people as is what had happened this session.
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