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  1. To follow on the poetry theme: Two games won, six points to us But don't get giddy, don't make a fuss. If we win every match we may just go up, And there's also a chance we could lift the cup.
  2. From Wikipedia....... Cahill was born and raised in Dronfield, Derbyshire and attended Dronfield Henry Fanshawe School.[4][5] He was a boyhood Sheffield Wednesday supporter and grew up watching Sheffield Wednesday, and points to Des Walker as his childhood hero.
  3. Totally agree. I don't mind a bit of bragging rights, it's to be expected. But if there's 2 people who just want to contradict everything that the other one says, can you do it privately as it's not that interesting to the rest of us. I suppose that's the problem with a draw. It limits the bragging rights, so we finish up with the forum equivalent of "ner ner na ner ner".
  4. Got a different sort of Private Car park problem. Sis in Law is a blue badge holder. She went to Asda and parked in a disabled bay. When she went in her bag for the badges she discovered that she'd only got one badge, the one with the clock. She displayed this on the dashboard. When she got back to the car she found a Parking Eye charge notice for £40. On the ticket in the "reason for issue" box it said "failure to display BB". So I have some questions about this. Do Parking Eye have a legal right to charge for not displaying both Blue Badges? Are Disabled bays in a private car park legally enforceable? Should we appeal, including proof that she's the owner of the "offending car", that she was the person shopping at Asda at the time, and that she is legally entitled to the blue badge? Any advice on how to proceed would be welcome Thanks
  5. Let's compere the Owls with the other lot. Goals against... us 21... them 21. Goals for .. us 23.... them 32. Now there is no way anyone can convince me that United's strike force is that much better than ours. I feel that our midfield are programmed to do a slow, possession build up, which might be good as far as successful passes go, but always lets the opposition get back. Where's the quick, defence splitting pass ? Opposition teams know exactly how we play, and despite having some very good strikers, we are frightening nobody. I'm not saying play it the Jack Charlton way, but we should at least mix it up and keep the other teams on the hop.
  6. They don't ring a bell for me except for Rhys Gibbon, who I know from another site about Pitsmoor.
  7. I was at Ellesmere at the same time as Robert & John Oxley. I was in Mr Albaya's class, and I think Mr Eliis's class as well. I was mates with Stuart Hackett, Alan Wasden, John Whitworth, and can remember Ron Fox, Wendy Smithson, Leslie Farrell, Jacqueline Glenn, Susan Cross, Christine Stagg. Not sure if all those names are correct.
  8. Asking for a friend: Having a private function in a pub in town and looking for someone to provide pie and peas. Does anyone out there have any contact details for a good pie & peas provider. Thanks
  9. Well I fish a lot and there's no such thing as razor sharp "fishing wire"!
  10. How refreshing to see a player sent off in a cup final for blatant cheating. His dive was so obvious that people on the back row could have seen it. It cost them the cup, and rightly so. And with retrospective punishment coming next season we may see less of it. Just wondering which team have the most prolific divers / cheaters. Chelsea have quite a few
  11. Lord of the Rings trilogy, Back to the future trilogy, Blues Brothers (both) Die Hard 1 & 2, Total Recall (the original).
  12. Anybody fished No 5 pond at Aston recently. If so, how's it fishing? Planning on taking grandson next week, but want him to get a few fish. He's 15 and not a newcomer to fishing. If the snake isn't fishing we could always go on the little No 4 pond. Thanks in advance.
  13. Yes you're right, annoying voice and totally unfunny comments.
  14. Still not watched any more after the first one, but the list of presenters is so strange. Presenting a show like that requires a specific talent. So why give the job to people who so obviously don't have that talent ? David Walliams ????? Gordon Ramsay ????? It's like asking Michael Parkinson to do a 20 minute stand up comedy act, or show us how to cook Roasted guinea fowl breast with dauphinoise potaoes, wild mushroom foam and a truffle jus. Of course the programme producers will refuse to accept that this programme is a failure, based on an American idea, and a total waste of time and money.
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