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Has anyone lost a male dog in Parson cross?


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does anybody no dog warden number? and do they work this late at night.


If you look in the stickies at the top of the group you will find the number in there, but they do finish for the night at about 5 I think, the pound is now also closed till morning, you need to report the dog on 101.


If you could keep him till morning the warden can collect him then, or you can hand him in yourself.

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What does the dog look like? I saw one wandering around Parson Cross yesterday. Near the new Asda. An elderly dog with a dark collar on. He ran out in front of my car and i very nearly hit him. By the time i'd parked up and walked down to find him, he'd gone. Couldn't find him anywhere and i've been worried about him since.

Netherlands Boarding and Rescue Kennels- 'Giving Local Dogs A Chance' http://www.netherlandsdogrescue.co.uk

Mill House Animal Sanctuary- 'For The Neglected We Care' http://www.animalsheltersheffield.co.uk

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