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Aggressive puppy play


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So we have had our jack russell pup, Charlie, for 10 days and thing are going ok. He is now nearly 10 weeks old.

He is crate trained at night and toilet traing is getting there slow but sure. He sits and goes to his bed (only with a treat bribe but hes learning).

The only concern I have is that he plays really rough. He will start playing nice but the more excited he gets the rougher he plays. He bites and pulls on trousers and socks and growls and shakes his cuddly toys in his mouth.

I have 3 kids (age 6 - 16) and they are starting to get scared to walk in the room when he is playing like this as he just goes for their feet.


Ive been saying no firmly and then ignoring him but just wondering if any one has any advice and if you think he will grow out of it.


many thanks


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Have you tried yelping? That's usually how puppies understand when they play too rough, through the other puppy yelping and then the game ends.


Whatever you do, don't back off or run away - it only encourages him to chase your feet etc.


When he shakes his cuddly toys he's practicing killing it. It's quite normal, as he is a ratter (breed wise), but i'd try not to encourage it and make sure you keep him well socialised with people/dogs etc.

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I'm no expert, but if he bites and'or pulls on an item of clothing I'd yelp loudly whether he's hurt you or not, and then immediately turn away and ignore him for several minutes. Ignore means no eye contact, no acknowledgment that he exists.


He should understand a yelp as meaning he's over-stepped the mark, whereas 'no' he may not understand. As for ragging his toys about if that's a problem, again simply stop play and ignore the minute he gets too rough. The key to it all I think will be being completely consistent in your approach, and that includes all members of the family, even the 6yr old.

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