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  1. Looking for 4+ acres of grazing land for 4 horses. Willing to do a bit of work such as secure fencing, must have a flat area l can section off for schooling, reliable rent payers, references available. ---------- Post added 19-03-2018 at 11:52 ---------- Still looking x ---------- Post added 19-03-2018 at 15:02 ---------- Still looking x
  2. I'm looking for a riding instructor to help with my very anxious horse, and very quiet 14 year old daughter. Im looking at for someone with experience of working with horses with issues, someone quiet and sympathetic to his needs. My daughter has would like to do dressage, so need someone with experience in this too. We are based near kiverton park Rotherham and would need them to come to us, we have a sand school. Many thanks
  3. hi, what sort of things are you wanting to learn? is it piping or modelling ? x
  4. Morning everyone, hoping I can help a friend of mine who's dog dear bordeaux had 10 puppies last night unfortunately the mum didn't survive ? Does anyone know of a bitch who would be able to help, either one that has lost pups or is still producing milk but pups have been taken away. Any other help or advice would be really appreciated too, they are understandably heartbroken and not sure where to turn. Thanks x
  5. Has anyone got any review for Brimington equestrian centre and pony club? Thanks
  6. Hi, looking for a pony to loan 14'2 upwards for my 12 year old daughter. She has outgrown her current loan and has recently shown a keen interest in dressage. she is a quiet, kind rider and is hoping to start competing at local dressage competitions. Willing to pay financial contribution and help with yard duties, we are in Swallownest s26. Please let me know if you have anything suitable. Thanks
  7. Just looking for a bit of market research regarding whether people would prefer an edible topper on their cake or one that they could keep. I'm thinking probably a keepsake for christening, weddings special birthdays ect then probably edible for just normal birthdays, what do others think. Thanks
  8. If anyone is looking for something to do with the kids today, pop down to Magna for the winter wonderland. You get free entry into Magna, there is a craft fair, Farther Christmas, brass band, bar and you can even have your Sunday dinner carvery.
  9. Im wanting a 6' winter turn out rug but its got to be red.
  10. Can anyone recommend a shop that sells horse rugs, ive looked at Parklands and they haven't got what I want, Thanks x
  11. tattershall lakes, you would have to check about the dog though xx
  12. Yes its for the Roscars, I tried phoning today but got no answer, Ive sent an email and I will try phoning again in the morning.
  13. Hi, Does anyone know if you can park at the New York Stadium in Rotherham. My daughter and I have to attend a presentation there tomorrow night, I checked the web site but it says permit holders only and gives details of a multi storey car park. Just wondering if this is just for match days or for everything. Thanks Sharon
  14. Graves park, its got the farm, play area and cafe, something for everyone.
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