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Snakes head swollen


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You need to take it to the vet as soon as you can. Swelling the in the head or neck is not common in snakes. Ive never come across a snake with swelling in those areas. Its could be caused by numerous things and in my opinion on a vet will be able to diagnose it. Reptile vets costs a bomb most of the time, but if you have the money take the snake, if not I dont know what else you can do.

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There is a vet in Rotherham, part of Springfields i think, who does not charge a fortune for reptiles. I used to take my snakes there and he was great. If you phone one of the Springfield vets in Rotherham they should be able to tell you which vet it is that deals with snakes.

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That is strange, if anything does happen again and your worried then call Sheffield exotics - 547 Attercliffe Road, Sheffield, S9 3RA, 0114 2446662


They use the vet in rotherham, when I had a problem with my snakes tail they advised me to go see a vet and they told me they use a vet called william who is Spring Field vets on Moorgate road in rotherham. William is the only reptile vet their so you need to make sure to book in with him.


Happy to hear your snake is better now tho :)

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