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  1. Hi I have just built some raised beds ready to start planting veg next year. They are 14 inches deep and there are 2 of 7ft x 2ft. I'm planning on following the square foot method of planting and am after some advice on what compost/soil etc to fill the beds with. Thanks Sarah
  2. I'd like to recommend Jeff The Joiner. He has just fit 8 internal doors for us, reduced the width of the living room door frame, built a new stud wall where the frame was reduced and fit all new architrave. He turned up on time each day, worked hard, left the house spotless and has done a great job. If you are looking for any joinery work doing then you won't go wrong by calling Jeff. We will certainly use him again for any other joinery work we need doing. Thanks for a great job Jeff! Sarah, Marc and mini Marc!
  3. Can anyone recommend a good roofer please. Its for the rebedding of the hip and ridge tiles on a semi detached bungalow in Dronfield. There are only 5 ridge tiles and then 2 rows of hip tiles. Thanks
  4. Hi I have just had a new boiler and radiators fitted throughout my home by Steve - corgigasman and would like to recommend him. He was really helpful, always turned up on time and did a great job! Thanks Sarah
  5. Coates solicitors at Mosborough. We've just used them and they were fantastic. You can get a quote for conveyancing on their web site.
  6. Hi I am currently looking at buying a house that has a gloworm hideaway FF boiler fitter. It is old and probably clunky so I am trying to get an idea of how much it would cost to replace one of these with a combi. It's a 2 bed bungalow and there are 6 radiators that would also need replacing. The water tank in the loft would also need removing. I know I can't get an exact quote without someone viewing it but a very rough idea before I start offering on the property would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  7. Hi I just wondered if anyone on here has a house cleaner around the S12 area that they could recommend. Thanks Sarah
  8. Phil Jackson, PJ dog training is very good with this kind of behaviour.
  9. I would VERY highly recommend mutlins. My dog used to go there and she loved it. It is the only place I ever felt she was truly looked after and really safe. x
  10. Hi There is someone called Phil Jackson near there who is really good, his website is http://www.pjdogtraining.co.uk Sarah
  11. I would very highly recommend Mutlins. My dog has been going there for all holidays for the last 5 years and goes to day care there once a week. I really cannot fault them! My dog is deaf and suffers from separation anxiety but absolutely thrives there....to the point that she doesn't want to come home at times. It is dog boarding rather than kennels and is therefore fairly expensive but in my opinion it is worth every single penny!
  12. I would highly (VERY highly) recommend Mutlins. It is home boarding rather than kennels and my dog absolutely loves it there. She goes when we go away but also goes for daycare once a week and she literally drags us to the gate as she can't wait to get in. It's not cheap but it's worth every penny to be able to go away and not have to worry about how she is being looked after. They get extremely busy and for the summer months you have to be booking a long way in advance, but at this time of year they are generally quieter so you might be lucky. http://www.mutlins.org.uk/
  13. Hi I have suffered from a combination of depression and anxiety for years too and I know how you feel. I do think you should go back to your doctors immediately and explain EXACTLY how you are feeling and what the consequences would be of them not getting you some additional help. Also, could you afford to have some treatment privately? I'm thinking along the lines of hypnotherapy which can be really helpful (talking from experience). Sarah
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