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Car windows smashed sheffield 5

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My car was window was smashed in last night


Some lad came to door told me a group of lads walked by throwing housebricks at it.

I have no window left in back grrr could not see body work.


Was not late either around 8.

Rang police they dont come out.


I went to empty car of child seat and car stinks of petrol.:rant:

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There were kids on our street the other day talking about smashing cars up. Also a car on our street had its bumper ripped off bout 10pm a couple of weeks ago and a kid threw it in the back of his car and drove off! It's getting so bad round here!

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Yeah , but even if they had my car key in hand and in the ignition they couldn't have stolen it. The circuit in the ignition had died so the car wouldn't turn over at all wi the key. I bypassed the ignition with a secret " ON " switch like high end sports cars that I made from Maplins. The key had to be in the ignition to turn off the security of the car , then you could press the button to turn over the car. I can tell you this as the car was wrote off by a lunatic racing out a junction into the side of me.

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