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  1. I had a belt on but had to move so someone could get out I didn't have chance to put the belt back on. I don't know much after apart from what my daughter told me.
  2. On Friday I was in a black cab and the driver was speeding he turned a corner and I flew off the seat banged my head on the door, He never stopped to see if I was ok. I was with my mother also my daughter. They helped me back up of the floor and asked the taxi to stop he didn't. My daughter got the reg number. Would you report him for speeding? I have not been feeling too well since.
  3. Oh good news. Congrats to you both xxxx
  4. No I do not like the man with his sneaky ways.
  5. Ha ha this made me laugh. I started watching this about a year ago with Mazie, who is two in May. I was very confused by it all but a year on i love it. I think the best character in the programme is Makka pakka. My daughter says its a dream that the baby is having Oh.. and at first i thought them little wooden things were ants When they all start dancing Mazie makes us join in:help: I do not like that kids programme with the babys head flying about in space think its called baby jake. Right I am just of to put it Mazie on now.. the joys
  6. I am not rich I would not go on JK show if you paid me I dont even watch it.
  7. Know how you feel Eric gets me mad. just glad no one was hurt not on about the MORONS who did it either.
  8. My car was window was smashed in last night . Some lad came to door told me a group of lads walked by throwing housebricks at it. I have no window left in back grrr could not see body work. Was not late either around 8. Rang police they dont come out. I went to empty car of child seat and car stinks of petrol.
  9. Yea I thought same. Reminded me of big brother:hihi:
  10. Chain letter was ok but reminded me of the ring 7/10 Eagle I really enjoyed that 9/10 Company Men 5/10
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