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Faulty item on gumtree


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just curious to see if anyone else has bought an item off gumtree and found out it was faulty.

i had bought a ps3 and was advertised as in excellent condition. The day after the fan was getting louder so turned it off straight away. i got back in touch with the seller telling him what the problem was and he replied to say that the ps3 consoles do that. i then got a new one (slim one) and never used the older ps3 until i gave it to a friend today(4 weeks after i bought it). played black ops for about 5 mins and then it turned itself off with the yellow light flashing. i tried switching it back on again but nothing happened and now the seller will only give me half the money back and also wants the console back.


can we do anything about this? any opinions will be much appreciated

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well if it was me,i wouldnt give the ps3 back,buying thing like this is a risk,got a x box off guntree,had it 2 weeks and got red ring,rung hin up and told him it was naffed,he said it was ok when he sold it,he said same half money back and the x box.no way,he could have sold it again,i got a repair kit off e bay,£6,the box is still going 8 mnths latter,u could get it repaired,or sell it for spares..

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Why didnt you see it working before you bought it??



With consoles i wouldnt buy a second hand one unless i saw it running for atleast 10 mins even then your taking a gamble


i guess we believed the seller. the day after i got it, i was on it for an hour, so unless i was at their place for over an hour, it wouldnt have made a difference

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