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  1. Hi Im doing a new build and will be needing to dispose of a large amount of limestone rocks could be used for various projects There will maybe 200 tons or more any help will be appreciated
  2. Park Sq roundabout partly closed theres a Van smashed in heading towards train station and a car crashed onto island never seen so many police for an incident try and avoid for a while could be quite long delays
  3. theres been an alleged armed robbery in the last hour at the Asda at walkley police everywhere and areas taped off
  4. hi im looking for a local employment solicitor to get some advice anyone had any dealings with any thanks
  5. hi ive got a tin with hundreds of old english and foreign stamps dont know if they are valuable or not wheres the best place to take them please
  6. i would have said whitbys a few months ago but quality and portion size have certainly gone down in size haddock used to be massive now less than average they ltaste nice but not worth the money never seen so many staff in one place maybe thats why they have cut the size of fish . we also think the boxes are now smaller to make the fish look bigger lol still go but not as often
  7. can i make it clear please i dont want individuals really contacting me because im in no position to say whether or not they are the type of people i want to help and i dont want to have to judge that . charities and other organisations would know these things better than I . there are probably loads of people who would like free work done im not here for that but to hopefully make a difference to those who really need it thankyou ---------- Post added 18-12-2013 at 22:45 ---------- cheers 999 tiger
  8. hi does anyone know of any charities etc that from time to time require building trades services to do jobs for less fortunate ill or elderly people at no cost ? i would like to offer my labour free of charge if materials are covered i would like to be through a third party as i recon this could be abused by some . would be good if other people could offer help too when available. i know we all have to pay the bills but if we are sat at home were not losing alot
  9. castle used to be good last few times weve been very average imo
  10. looking for some photos of grimesthorpe boys club would be great to see some again
  11. hi does anyone know of anyone that deliver cooked meals on a daily basis to southy green area for OAPs if so how much roughly per week is it thanks
  12. hi had the phone given to me its on orange network
  13. hi how nuch for an unlock on a i phone 3g s and anywhere local to swallownest thanks
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