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  1. its just a channel for advertising peoples buisnness utter garbage
  2. just sold my astra sxi that was a 1.8 16v got a 2.2 16v and that uses no more petrol than my 1.8 did
  3. the alarm ive linked to is really all you could ever need unless you have a mansion that is really easy to fit and doesnt cost the earth the amount the alarm costs you would pay more to have someone fit a alarm to your home
  4. i just get a wirless one what either plugs into your phone line are takes a sim card that way when ever there is a intruder you will get a call are txt message and your not relying on anybody hearing your alarm going of ---------- Post added 02-09-2014 at 16:52 ---------- http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/ANDROID-APP-WIRELESS-LCD-GSM-SMS-HOME-ALARM-SECURITY-SYSTEM-AUTO-DIALER-/291211288024?pt=UK_Burglar_Alarms&hash=item43cd8b9dd8
  5. wont come back now alex is gone otherwise he would have come back for his last year are so..
  6. what a goal scorer he is https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xCmk96_Pfpg
  7. best android phone ive owned is a htc one and ive had many including 1st ever android phone google g1
  8. could have and would have been planned do you think they might have had a van ready?
  9. why put the cross down the theives could come from anywhere
  10. if you aint got sky http://cricfree.sx/live/index.php
  11. when did that change then cant find any info on it
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