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Pdsa eligibility


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Anyone know how the PDSA hospital work, Im currently receiving council tax benefit and have a letter to this effect but it is dated March 2011. My cat has developed a sore eye today and I was wondering if I took him to the PDSA would my entitlement letter be still valid or does it need to be say no more than 6 months old. Thanks

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I took my Mum (and her cat) there two weeks ago.


Her letter had to be dated within 12 months (six months for people under 65 if I remember right) we had the wrong letter so they called up Howden House while we waited and had them confirm her entitlement.


They were very helpful with Mum and Buster. :)

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Just to let others know you do need an entitlement letter less than 6 months old, I rang Howden House and they emailed the info to PDSA no problem. I took Jink today and he has an ulcer on his eye and weve got to put ointment in, it took three of us to do this one holding his body and legs, one his head and the other to put a blob of ointment in :hihi:. Thanks to everyone who replied to my post.

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