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  1. Hi just wondering if anyone knows if baby changing/toilet facilities are open at Asda Handsworth, thanks.
  2. Just wanted to say again a big thank you to the little girl who found my daughters iPhone in the toilets near card factory in meadowhall this evening. She was asking if anyone had lost it as my daughter came rushing back in a panic, we gave her £10 for her honesty, thank you again for being such a lovely girl and for doing the right thing
  3. It's awful isn't it when you shut the door and leave them to the elements at night, if she would stay in I would have no problem with her sleeping in the kitchen but as soon as you close the door she panics. I think she's been someone's pet because she's lovely, I just wish the cats shelter would ring to say she's got a place there.
  4. Hi just looking for some advice, around about May a cat kept appearing in my garden it looked well cared for, very affectionate and friendly. Over the next week or so it started to look thin and was there every time we opened the door. I bought a collar and attached a note to it asking if this was anyone's cat, we also took its photo and put it on a lost and found page on facebook, and put posters up in the neighbourhood. We took her to vets she's not chipped so we started feeding her and she was quite happy living in the garden just coming inside for food. I couldn't take her in as I have an elderly male housecat who's quite territorial. We got her name down at the cat shelter for rehousing but have heard nothing from them. Now it's getting colder I've made her a little den in my shed and bought her a pet warmer to put in her bed, do you think she will be ok when it starts to get really cold. She won't stay in the house for long and I'm worried she's not going to make it though winter any advice as to what more I could do would be appreciated thanks.
  5. Hi bought some cosmic catnip bubbles from Pets at home and they are totally useless, just like trying to blow bubbles with plain water. Has anyone any idea of a brand that works thanks.
  6. You forgot the bags full of poo in the alleyways and bushes.
  7. Anyone know if hinde house secondary is opening later.
  8. What next to parked cars and almost outside a petrol station, they surely have the sense to know this is an accident waiting to happen. There's been thousands spent on various projects in the area to inform them of whats allowed and what's not so I'm fairly certain they know it's not allowed but like everything else they thought sod it I'm doing it.
  9. Smashing bottles at Easter, what's that all about Mind you nothing and I mean nothing they do surprises me anymore. We had them setting fireworks off on the little crossing island on Owler Lane, this is a main road a bus and ambulance route and only 20/30 feet away from a petrol station ::o:o Cars were having to swerve to avoid the shooting sparks, I was hoping one of their cheap nylon track suits would burst into flames but no. This so called tradition of letting fireworks off in the middle of the road has been going on for a few years now so why on bonfire night, New Year's Eve ect aren't there more police in the area to stop it, we're not talking about some kids setting a couple of bangers off and running away, it's a full blown firework display on those back streets of Pagehall.
  10. Even if she had reported it nothing would have been done, the decent people in the area have been reporting various incidents for years now and it's just getting worse. Hope your girlfriend is ok and soon puts it behind her.
  11. Thank you I called this company to sort my wasps nest, a lovely man called John came out within 24 hours, he quoted a price of £35 which was what I paid. I would recommend this company to anyone with any problem pests
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