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  1. We took our Lhasa there he is a double cleftie so has a very sensitive face he also had a fear of other dogs.The girl who groomed him was fantastic ..She made sure he was first in line ..
  2. just got Nissan almera sve 2004 starts first time every time.central locking did not work programed keys and central locking worked fine but engine will not start anyone any ideas thank you.
  3. Heard in Page hall thump thump same thing over and over ..
  4. My daughter lives at Firth Park and loves it....
  5. Get in touch with the Council Animal Welfare they are based at Handsworth..
  6. There one just off Tinsley roundabout Meadow bank road. Saw the sign when we past last Thursday. Think Its new
  7. We are at Page Hall it got 4 of ours 2 wks ago and came back next day for last one ....We now have new fish and a Net lesson learned
  8. Hi. Is there anyone wanting to rehome a few pond fish For hubby's small pond ..Thank you
  9. We have a Lhasa who adores my hubby they are certainly best friends..
  10. My hubby would have them we lost all our fish at the end of last year.
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