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Renault megane repair

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hi there yes i can do all aspects of work i dont do mots myself but i have a friend local who does mots and i can get it dropped off there and then after the mot brought back to my garage and yes my number is 07930378952 im on that number 24/7 so she is welcome 2 call me anytime

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does anyone know how much it will cost to have a timing belt fitted on a renault megane automatic 2003. thanks

Hi Mammybear, just a quick piece of advice before you have the work done...

The 1.6 engines are prone for the dephaser pulley failing. Have you noticed any rattling from the engine when starting it up?

Usually it quietens down within seconds but you will have noticed it if it is making this horrible sound!

If the answer is yes, then it would be wise to have this replaced at the same time because it shouldn't cost any more in terms of labour. The part itself can be quite pricey though :(

If you need any advice or a price you can call or send an instant message through our website.

try g tech did some work on my scenic and was very reasonable


also frequents this forum

Thanks Rimrunner :bigsmile:

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