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  1. it happened to my pc after a windows update (1803) google is your friend on this one, I removed the drive by using cmd https://answers.microsoft.com/en-us/windows/forum/all/drive-f-creation-after-windows-10-update/8ca93aef-41fa-4680-9d64-942507d2a9a1 as previous poster do this at your own risk but it worked for me
  2. There's a chance thats this is not his first rodeo and by reporting it to the police may help them with other instances, morally this is what he should do. whilst his intentions are good this could open a can of worms and not in his favour. personally this kid needs reporting and hopefully adequate charges brought against him as he is well aware of his actions.
  3. yup totally agree ttparsons the taxman will have a field day, and there would be loads of complications including how long the job/stay will last, tenant falls ill or has an accident on your property, insurance, if its long term you may have a pension scenario and my main concern would just be a trust issue.
  4. I had the same problem for years (both frequencies), I kept having to restart the router 2 to 10 times a week virgin blamed everything but their hub got pssed off especially bad one day and had a rant demanding a refund dating back to when i first complained. They supplied me with their new hub the following Saturday, not one issue since.
  5. my guess would be him, unfortunately even work colleagues can be (insert swear word here)
  6. cook one of your curries/roast dins (you've got to keep your audience happy), but try doing a starter and/or dessert to your own liking. If the starter is a hit you cold maybe turn it into a main next time or just tell em next time your doing whatever an tell em to bring some wine to suit.
  7. id try for £190 but expect to take less.
  8. spring 2018, I agree looks awesome.
  9. Unfortunately the only way to keep your bike safe is never let it out of your sight. Even a good D lock isnt much use if somebody really wants your bike with the availability of cordless tools nowadays. My advice would be to get insurance.
  10. used purdys a few times at woodhouse always seems very accommodating but i suppose it depends on how many cuts he will have to do and how busy he is.
  11. good luck pdbmn it will take a while but with commitment you will get there, i think the best advice on here is get in touch with the CAB asap.
  12. Freeserve was my first internet provider, we was on PAYG then they rang me up and said we could go unlimited for £5.99 month this was around 1998/9 been racking my brain but i cant remember my email address with them
  13. Its all good my favorite was the Epcot theme park we had a couple of rest days as it was full on, on these days we went on an airboat ride in kissimee and had a morning in Gatorland (suprisingly good)
  14. similar thing happened to mine new keyboard sorted it, I fitted it myself (fairly easy)and cost me a tenner from ebay (new but not oem). Im sure there will be a youtube vid for your friends model as well so watch that to see if its within your capabilities. This is assuming it is a hardware issue.
  15. my son got this as well and he thinks its great R
  16. yup go past the cafe into the play park then walk across the foot bridge turn right then just keep walking its on your right.
  17. not a mechanic but when you are driving about and your petrol is sloshing around in your tank while diving on Sheffields super flat roads im sure any crap will be nicely mixing up with your fuel, i think the fuel filter will be doing a fine job so dont worry. I drive a corsa and only fill up when the light goes on and ive had no problems with it for the last five years.
  18. I for one will not be signing, Sheffield council is in dire doo dah and this is a sensible decision (as others have stated) to try and save some cash (if done right). The transition should be done over a long time and not in 5 weeks or so for certain individuals while other people could move over in days. There are some very good private companies and charities which are more than capable of providing excellent care. I have had to take a pay cut in the past and have been made redundant its called life so if people aren't happy they will have to get another job.
  19. ring them and find out -- they did a recall on the steering gear assembly
  20. yup sorry i made a comment but changed my mind and had to put summat in and that was probably not the best comment, apologies again.
  21. nice you get more satisfaction doing it yourself and the kit pays for itself and your friends will love you forever when you lend it them or help them with their brakes. if you got the one off ebay let me know what the quality is like.
  22. dont g clamp them im sure they wind in http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/19pc-Brake-Caliper-Wind-Back-Tool-Piston-Kit-Vauxhall-Ford-Renault-Citroen-BMW-/110870941539?pt=UK_Hand_Tools_Equipment&hash=item19d06c4f63 motormania may have them or gsf etc
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