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New virgin media hub for Internet..


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What do you think to it??We have it got it at weekend but was told it can't be based near electrics, steel or radiators cos of heat.

And then hooking the laptops up to it where a nightmare.

By time I had set it up I thought about putting old one back in.

Unfortunately they cancel ya old box once u register new one.





I can't tell much difference in Internet speed either. !!!

I am running 5 laptops off it.

Me , my husband and 3 kids have a laptop each .

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You probably won't see any difference because you probably didn't even use your connection to it's maximum before you got the new router and since your usage has probably remained the same then you won't notice even if there's an increase in your maximum speed.


Connection speeds are a crock to be honest because the quoted figure is just the maximum possible.


It's like this, you have 2 cars. One can do 120mph maximum and the other can do 150mph maximum. If you're only going to drive at 30mph then there's no difference between the two.

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