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  1. Reason for Rehome / Sale*- I am a disabled mum of 2 , if I am honest due to my health im struggling to manage Bella now.This has been a very upsetting decision to make . Time Scale – How Urgent?*As soon as possible Sale Amount £50 - to ensure good home I will also want to do home check Has the Dog been in Rescue- No Location*-Birley Age & Sex*- 19 month female Breed/ Mix*- American Bulldog Cross Rottweiler KC Registered - no Approximate size- Large Exercise - yes Neutered & Micro chipped - yes Vaccinated & Wormed -out Live in / out - in Ever lived with other cats/dogs/other animals - no Any Current or Historical Health or Psychological Issues* Temperament - non Good or Bad with Children*-good with any child as I have 2,but due to her size and that fact she can be playful id say better suited to children aged 8+. Dislike of Men or Women*- likes both OK with Dogs / Cats/other Animals - hates cats, loves other dogs Travel OK in Car*- yes Left happily alone in the House for How Long at a time - most of the time Destructive Behaviour - likes to chew teddies , never chewed anything else Barks - yes when in garden in her pen Pull on the lead - yes i use a halty Crate trained - yes Housetrained*- yes , if left too long in house obviously has accidents ---------- Post added 08-05-2016 at 19:51 ---------- Bella is a good loyal dog, she needs plenty of walking. She is very affectionate, she does bark when I put her in her pen. I walk her on a halty, but when I take her Rother Valley I am able to walk her off the lead. She doesn't run off and stays near, I am rehoming her through no fault of her own. This decision is killing me, she is my baby. I have had her from being a pup but due to me having a form of motor neurons I am struggling to cope with her and give her what she needs. I won't allow her to go with just anybody, I will want to do home checks and to ensure who ever has her is going to provide her with all she needs but above all can give her a loving home. Thank you x Anyone wanting photos please pm me with your email, I will send you photos x
  2. Monday to Friday 4:30-6:30 and De Hood is a street name for the place thank you for your interest all ages welcome x
  3. We at PartyLite sell home products and candles that will fill your home with amazing scents . We host parties at your home this relaxed and friendly atmosphere is exactly why so many Consultants love starting their own PartyLite business: their work always feels much more like a fun get-together with new friends than a “sales event.” Plus, Consultants offer exclusive discounts and rewards that Hostesses and Guests appreciate and love.Book a party with me and I'll give u for FREE , that's right for FREE .3 free squares on my raffle , .a bottle of wine and a box of chocs plus as a hostess you can get...... . Between 10% - 15% commission on show sales . An item at 25% discount for each £165 in sales . 1 of each of the hostess specials . Between 1-4 booking gifts that will be ordered after all shows are held and over £195 in sales Thank you (comment or pm me if your interested in booking a FREE party with plenty of FREE incentives)
  4. Hi I am off to benidorm in a few week , was wondering where I could get some nice swim wear this time of year ??
  5. Hi Mark it is in a group and I am unsure at minute what opening times will be after the holidays. As we are making a few changes to classes from next week, for when it is outside of the holidays. We are hoping to set aside women's only training, men's only and then kids group. I will get back to you once we have had a staff meeting, and I have all relevant information to hand. In the mean time feel free to come down and have a look around
  6. Interested in boxing as a sport or for fun , whether your a beginner or experienced we at De Hood offer training for people of all ages and gender. Open 5 Days a week , Monday to Friday 3:30 till 7pm while it's the holidays. Fees are as follows: Kids £2.00 & Adults £2.50 A Session or £6 for a week. We are based at the old Prince Edwards School just off Prince of Wales Road at Manor Top. If your interested come join us or PM me for further information
  7. No they should not be together if the guy does not like kids. When I met my now hubby when I was 15. He was 22, he had got a 6 month old boy. He had full custody of him. When I ended up with my husband , his son came as part of the package. They came as a pair, if they didn't, I would be worried about my Mr as a parent. Anyway 14 and a half year later, we have had 2 more kids, and still together. There is no way we would still be together, if I had not excepted his son. Or if I disliked kids, I think it's right.
  8. Glad he got 38 year, and all we can do is hope someone, helps him to hell while in there. And anyone that says he was brave when he pleaded guilty, it was a big thing for him to do. And that he did it, because he felt the family, had been through enough. Should also remember, that had he been thinking, about that family in the first place. He wouldn't of done what he did full stop!! And after he had done it, he made them sit, through days of horrific evidence. Before he actually did plead guilty. His the lowest form of life, I have ever had to hear of. I can't begin to imagine what that poor family is feeling.
  9. I got a chalet in Yarmouth for £104 for three nights, was a bargain. Thanks for posts all, and pms but iv sorted some where now. Thanks again.
  10. I am wanting to hire a caravan for me , my 2 kids and husband for Friday may 31st, until Monday June 3rd. As it is my birthday and wedding anniversary, would prefer Skegness. Don't mind other places to depending where, please pm me if you have these dates free. Thank you.
  11. My bin don't get emptied every week, bin men come round here every other week. It's not hard, just can't be bothered and chose not to do it. I don't see point doing it, to make their lives easier when they do jack to make my life easier. lol
  12. There are some low life scum in this world!!! I am so sorry your daughters are upset, I would be heart broke if it happened to mine. People never cease to amaze me, ripping off adults is one thing. But ripping off innocent kids, that's the low.
  13. I am a learner driver, and I was pretty annoyed the other day. I was on the hill at the crossroads, where the Phoenix Social Club is. I was facing up hill, and wanted to turn on to Deerlands. I had this guy behind me, pipping his horn, because I wasn't moving fast enough for him. I ignored him, and tried to negotiate the crossroad. But he continued, and put his car basically on the bumper, of the learner car. I was panicking, because of it, which lead me to mess the whole thing up. I froze, and just felt like getting out the car, and giving up. People seem to forget they was once a learner, and yes they have no respect. Not every one is bad, I have had some experience where people have been understanding. Them moment's definitely, out weight the moments, with the ignorant percentage of drivers. My husband is worst for it, he is awful to learner drivers. I am always, telling him that he should remember, that was him once. He is an engineer and drives a van. And their the worst of them, which I didn't quiet believe, till I got in the van with him. His attitude is .... My vehicle is bigger then yours, either move or be moved. I hate it, but we can't all be perfect. I can't see anyone's attitudes changing, any time soon. As long as a percentage, of us are a little more thought full, and tactful. The roads will be a bit more bearable, then if we was all ignorant.
  14. I hate that the bin collection is now fortnightly, I wouldn't pay a company either. Not when it takes 5 minutes, to put it in back of van and take it tip. I know I could recycle, using the methods provided. Eg blue bin etc.... I don't see why we should do the councils job for them, just to make their lives easier. When all their doing, is making ours hard by reducing bin collections in first place, simples!!
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