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  1. We've been here a few times. Lovely site and not over priced. https://skegnesswaterleisurepark.co.uk
  2. Evening Guys, I thought id update you on the new video my friend made. Let me know what you think. If anyone is interested ill keep posting the updates.
  3. Evening all, Anyone who is interested, here is another video! - Redmires Reservoir - Sheffield
  4. Haha, For once its not mine Its a friend of mine. To be honest, If i had that drone ill be showing everyone it That's a great suggestion! I'll pass it on
  5. Try Keepass. Iv used it over the years.
  6. Afternoon all, A friend of mine has starting a YouTube channel with his drone showing.. As you guess it.. Sheffield from above. Here is one of the video's: Has anyone got any ideas of locations or anything you would like to see? Any feedback would be great. Rick
  7. Afternoon all, Just got a text from Wincobank school saying there was a small fire and all kids and staff are safe. School has been closed until tomorrow. Edit: Turns out it was the boiler.
  8. Morning all, Anyone seen the tram that is been decorated for the idea opening? Looks really cool. It made me smile when i got on it this morning. http://www.thestar.co.uk/news/this-is-why-your-tram-to-meadowhall-may-have-been-given-an-ikea-style-makeover-1-8735811
  9. I think the only noise we get is when there are events at meadow hall like the xmas lights switch on.
  10. Morning guys, I spoke to VM yesterday wanted me to get an engineer out. Told them where to go as it was a network fault affecting the whole street and not my connection to the box. Explained to them they need to send someone to the box to take a look. They were having none of it. So, Next door had VM looking at their system and i asked him whats the crack. Turns out after he spend a hours there, they have been doing work to the main hub for our area and haven't told customers. Everytime they turn the power out for that hub the net drops. Made sense since the day before the internet was fine after 5pm (After they clock off). Hope this clears everything up.
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