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Sheffield Martial Arts Club Directory

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Sheffield Hallam Aikido Club


Traditional aikido. Open ability class for students and non-students aged 18 years and over. Suitable for beginners to advanced. No special clothing required.


Class is held at Collegiate Crescent Campus, S10 (Monday & Friday).



Collegiate Crescent Campus

Broomgrove Road


South Yorkshire

S10 2BP


Email: sheffield.hallam.aikido.club@gmail.com

Days and Times: Monday 7.30-9.30pm, Friday 7.30 -9.30pm

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Cordao de Ouro Capoeira Hillsborough


Taught by Monitor Caramujo from CDO Sheffield



2 til 4pm

393 Martial arts academy,

393 Langsett road,


S6 2LJ


Capoeira is a Brazilian dance martial art, combining martial arts, dance, acrobatics and music. Beginners are always welcome.


Price is £5 public/£4 students and young people (12 to 17 years)


Contact Chris 07843 444 248




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Sheffield ShotoKan Karate Club


If you would like your child to start a martial arts class then look no further. Why not bring them along to Young Tigers on a Saturday afternoon at Carlton Road church in Hillsborough from 1-2pm? Starting on 23rd Feb.


These classes are specificity for young children aged 5-7 yr old and will be taught by a female instructor.


Mandy Glossop is a 1st Dan black belt and has completed her Nation Coaching award. She has completed a child protection course, first aid course and has had enhanced CRB check carried out.


To book a place follow the link http://www.karatesheffield.org.uk/index.php/articles/42-new-5-7-years-class-starting

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Sheffield Shotokan Karate Club. Have classes on Wednesday (adults) and on Saturdays (kids class 7 years upward). They are opening a new class for 5 - 7 year olds. The instructor is awesome. Great with kids, very patient. She has taught my son on a few occasions - would definately recommend this class. As well as teaching valuable skills, its an activity they will enjoy.

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____*Combat Club*____


Training covers all aspects of personal protection – from pre fight situational awareness, threat recognition, adopting a passive stance, reading body language, de-escalating temperaments, fear management, choice words, distractions and psychological mind warfare.


The goal is verbal diffusion, conflict avoidance and keeping out of danger.


But if you have to turn to physical self-defense there's -provoked pre-emptive engagement, subduing and restraining people, targeting vital areas, body and joint manipulation, pressure points, tactical takedowns, choke outs, ground fighting, multiple attackers, outflanking, knife fighting, weapon disarming, strategic disengagement and post-conflict management.


There is an emphasis on no nonsense training and fighting, we don’t train to look good with fancy near impossible to pull off throws, kicks and moves that take years to develop and perfect, we teach natural responsive techniques that are simple and easy to remember, that are tried and tested, that are going to work!!


____Qualified in____


Chris Crudelli's

ABC Combat System

Developed by the renowned martial arts expert & TV star Chris Crudelli, This system uses 26 different techniques based upon the letters of the alphabet, each letter/movement is transferable between the hand, knife & stick meaning that once you know stick you pretty much know knife, once you know knife, you pretty much know the hand, making this effective & easy to learn. The system has been taught to the members of the United Kingdom's elite Marine Corps and The Ministry of Defence personnel.

Certified and trained by Chris Crudelli himself.

*ABC Knife Fighting Instructor

*ABC Bare Knuckle Boxing Instructor

*ABC Stick Fighting Instructor


Krav Panim el Panim

Special Forces Combatives

KAPAP is an acronym for Krav Panim el Panim, translated as "face to face combat" The Kapap system was developed in the late 1930s and was taught to Israeli Military Personnel the term Kapap was used only within certain special forces units who needed more than basic training that they received in Krav Maga. Now it has evolved into a street-wise, modern day philosophy of combat, a direct approach to self protection, a bridge between the most effective tried & tested principles/techniques drawn from all types of martial arts.

*Kapap Level 1 Instructor.




Tactical Combat Club is affiliated with The British Combat Association,

The club has

* Full club, member & Instructor Insurance

* BCA licensed Instructor

* Club officially BCA registered






Q1 - How much is this going to cost me?

A1 - £5 per lesson,

£16 for 1 years insurance and membership into the BCA this is to be purchased after your 5th lesson.


Q2 - Is the first class free?

A2 - Yes.


Q3 - What do I need?

A3 - A positive attitude and sensible gym wear (training is barefoot/socks)


Q4 - I'm unfit/old can I still learn?

A4 - Yes.


Q5 - When is it?

A5 - Every Sunday 12-1pm


Q6- Where are the classes held?

A6 - Shodokan Aikido Dojo,

Unit 15 Devonshire Business Park,

Eldon Street,


S1 4GT


Q7 - Is there anything I need to do before coming to a class?

A7 - This is close quarter fighting there will be contact made between you and other people so I don't wish to point out the obvious but I will anyway, please make sure your own personal hygiene is of a clean standard (nobody appreciates a smelly armpit while in a head lock) also please insure that you trim your finger and toenails.


Q8 - Is there an age limit?

A8 - Yes, this class is for over 18's only







_____Contact info_____


Call Jamie on 0786-3686-137 or visit http://www.tacticalcombatclub.com




Thanks J.

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Kondei Ryu School of Martial Arts


Kondei Ryu is a family run centre that provides kickboxing classes for adults and children (5+). Classes offer a combination of kickboxing, karate and self defence training with a fully qualified instructor who has over 30 years of martial arts experience.


Classes are held at Kondei Ryu, Cricket Inn Road, Sheffield, S2. The club is based directly opposite the Cricket Inn Road Tram Stop.


Classes are on:

Wednesday Evenings 7-8pm Seniors/Adults (12+)

Saturday Afternoons 12-1pm - Juniors (5-12 yrs) & 1-2pm Seniors/Adults (12+)


£5 per class, no joining fees or monthly payments. Mention this thread and you will get your first lesson free.


Private lessons are also available.


Reply for more details or contact Steve on 07792796286 or forgiven_tattoo@hotmail.co.uk or visit our Facebook page 'Kondei Ryu School of Martial Arts'

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The Exiles - Sheffield


Hello, we are Sheffield's only Western Martial Arts group focusing primarily on the Historical European Martial Art of Fiore dei Liberi. We are registered members of The British Federation of Historical Swordplay http://www.thebfhs.org.uk


We currently train twice a week;


7.30pm - 9.30pm on Tuesday evenings at The Arbourthorne Social Centre, East Bank Road, Sheffield, S2 2AL


3pm - 5pm on Sunday afternoons at Barlborough Village Hall, High St, Barlborough, S43 4ET


The system includes;


- Unarmed Striking and Grappling

- Dagger attack and defence

- Longsword in one and two hands

- Poleaxe and Spear Weapons


Our primary study is focused on the 600 year old historical work of Master Fiore dei Liberi. The martial system Fiore laid down is very no-nonsense in approach and the Exiles learn the Art with this mentality in practice.


Here are highlights of last year's longsword tournaments at Swash;






Cost per session is £7, with the first session FREE! Annual membership cost is £30. Loan equipment is available for beginners. All members must be 16 and over, with under 18s accompanied by a parent or guardian.


All are welcome and we look forward to training with you!


Email sheffield@the-exiles.org.uk


Website: http://www.the-exiles.org.uk/


Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/TheExilesSheffield

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Greetings from the Society for the Study of Swordsmanship. We are a group that trains in Western Martial Arts (aka HEMA).


Classes are on Wednesday evenings from 7.30pm until 9.00pm at the Sheffield Jesus Centre, Broomspring Lane, Sheffield S10 2FB. The first month of classes is completely free, after that its £20 per month (correct as at 2014/15) with a pay as you go option if you prefer.


web: http://www.weaponskills.org.uk

email: info@weaponskills.org


Western Martial Arts covers many forms of combat practiced throughout Western Europe and throughout history. It is usually associated with systems from the medieval and renaissance periods and can cover combat styles and weaponry used in warfare, and those used by civilians for duelling or self defence. Europe has a strong martial tradition (or a bloody and violent history depending on your perspective!) so there is no shortage of material from which we can extract techniques and recreate these arts.


We currently study:

  • Longsword (a two-handed sword used in late medieval Europe)
  • Rapier (a single-handed thrusting weapon from the Renaissance period)
  • Staff (following a traditional rune based European system, aka Stáv)
  • Dussack (A short, curved, training weapon similar to a Cutlass)


Some of our members also have experience in other combat forms such as smallsword, sabre, pugilism, tomahawk, cane/walking stick and more, and we revisit these systems from time to time.


Come along and give it a try!


We have 2 qualified (IL1) instructors and are members of the British Federation for Historical Swordplay (BFHS).

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