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  1. yodan4

    Yoga/pilates/tai chi

    Hi, my settings seem to be correct ??
  2. yodan4

    Yoga/pilates/tai chi

    Any Instructors ?
  3. yodan4


    We have a couple of spaces left.
  4. We have Kickboxercise Fitness & Toning Class at Chapeltown Martial Arts Centre. 4 Burncross Rd, Chapeltown, S35 1SF. Wednesday's @ 6.30 - 7.15pm. £5 each. Tel : 07960 178575 (Gary) for info.
  5. yodan4

    Dj required

    Sorted now.
  6. yodan4

    Dj required

    Saturday 1st December in High Green, Sheffield S35, 7pm - 12.00 midnight for a Xmas Disco & Awards night. Contact Gary on : 07960 178575.
  7. Hi, I'm looking for Yoga/Pilates & Tai Chi Instructors to hold weekly Classes at my Martial Arts & Fitness Centre in Chapeltown, Sheffield, S35. Call : 07960 178575.
  8. yodan4

    Boxercise bootcamp circuit classes

    Hi, we have Ladies Kickboxercise on Wednesday's @ 7.15 - 8.00pm, £5 pay as you train, at Chapeltown Martial Arts & Fitness Centre, S35 1SF. Most are complete beginners, train at your own pace. Tel : 07960 178575 (Gary)
  9. yodan4

    Yoast SEO for Wordpress site

    I'm trying to improve the SEO rankings of my site, but the SEO feedback rating is telling me that I'm missing H2 subheading tags in the copy ? The page title contains the keyword/phrase, but it does not appear at the beginning ? The keyword/phrase does not appear in the URL for this page ? The list goes on. Any help would be much appreciated.
  10. Hi, we are now enrolling for Beginners Classes 5 yrs + at Chapeltown Karate Club which is a Full Time Dojo dedicated to Karate, the Club was Established by Sensei Gary Baker 5th Dan in July 2001, all Instructors are Fully Qualified, Insured & DBS checked. Registered & Governed by the "English Karate Federation" (E.K.F.) We have Classes 6 days a week to suit Kids & Adults, visit : www.chapeltownkarateclub.co.uk for details E-mail : gary@chapeltownkarateclub.co.uk Tel : 07960 178575.
  11. Hi, is there anybody on here familiar with Yoast SEO & Wordpress, I need some advice with my website ?
  12. Chapeltown Martial Arts Centre. http://www.chapeltownkarateclub.co.uk
  13. yodan4

    Martial arts between 3 and 5 pm??

    Hi, we only do those times on a weekend, 4 - 5pm on a Saturday if that's any good. Visit : http://www.chapeltownkarateclub.co.uk
  14. Hi Beth,,no sorry, never had the interest for morning sessions. Regards.
  15. Established 2001. Sensei Gary Baker (5th Dan) Sensei Alan Kennedy (4th Dan) Sensei Steve Roberts (3rd Dan) Sensei Emily Baker (1st Dan) All Instructors FULLY Qualified, Insured, First Aid Trained & DBS Checked. Members of Shindo Kai Karate Association & Governed by WKF/EKF. Style - Wado Ryu Karate/Self Defence. Classes for 4 - 6 yr olds, 7 - 12 yr olds & 13 + Male & Female, Any Level. Regular Gradings, Courses & Competitions Local (South Yorkshire). Visit : www.chapeltownkarateclub.co.uk Tel : 07960 178575. Find us on Facebook & Twitter. First Class is FREE !!

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