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  1. HAPPY NEW YEAR from AFK KICKBOXING in Sheffield AFK historically has been THE kickboxing club that awakened the entire kickboxing scene in Sheffield Our classes for all levels are as follows Monday Tuesday Friday 7pm ( all levels) £6 ( adults) £5 ( under 18) Wednesday : KIDS CLASS :5-13 years : 7pm Thursday 730pm : WOMENS ONLY £10 on a PreBook basis. We are based at waverley house Stanley street wicker Riverside S3 8GW Across from Caesars and round the corner from La Perle Cafe 07775914155
  2. The nationally known AFK SHEFFIELD KICKBOXING are now branching into MMA As well as our kickboxing classes Monday Tuesday Friday 7pm We now have MMA grappling class at 730pm MMA striking class at 830pm Classes are £6 for working people £5 for students The classes are taught by an undefeated MMA FIGHTER and ABU DHABI CHAMPION ---------- Post added 07-06-2018 at 14:22 ---------- The address of the gym is Waverley house Stanley street ( The Wicker) S3 8GW
  3. This was a happy memory. AFK SUPERLEAGUE is still THE fight show to Fight on. Our next event July 7th
  4. It all depends what you’re looking for. There are loads of kickboxing gyms in sheffield. They’re all good for different things. If all you want is for your child to get out of his or her shell and keep a fit and smack a few pads , then any of those club will do. If its actual K-1 fighting you want then AFK is the best hands down, overall best win ratio in Sheffield. FULL STOP. However, AFK isn’t for everyone as we won’t just let anyone represent AFK in competition. AFK operate a very strict “training camp” policy so for that reason it’s not very appealing to “independent fighters”. Feel free to ring on 07775914155 Cheers
  5. AFK KICKBOXING. We have kids classes Wednesday 7pm Sunday 12 midday Women’s group Thursday 730-830pm Adults classes for All levels Monday Tuesday Friday 7pm Thursday 830-930pm All at our new venue KNOX BOXING GYM WAVERLEY HOUSE STANLEY STREET WICKER RIVERSIDE ( across the road from Caesars) Near La Perle Cafe , sheffield sea cadets and others S3 8GW
  6. Skate central arena on queens road !! March 3rd Skate central has often been the staging ground for numerous kickboxing and MMA fights Normally you’ll see Muay Thai fighters , Kickboxer’s , BBJ Competitors and Wrestlers fight each other in the Ring or Cage. This time a team of Wing Chun king fu fighters have chosen to fight in the Cage. They’ll fight other styles of Kung Fu in the cage as well as Taekwondo fighters or Thaiboxer’s . If you want tickets , Standard tickets are £30 VIP sat ringside at a table with food and waitress service are £40 per head. For the month of January we will be doing EARLY BIRD TICKETS at £20 Once they’re gone there gone. They aren’t for sale after 28th January Also there’s only 150 in circulation. Anyone interested Ring me on 07775914155
  7. Hi Amy How’s about trying kickboxing ? I run AFK KICKBOXING We have a lot of studenty types and young graduates here like yourself How’s about giving it a try? I don’t check this often but log onto : AFK kickboxing on Facebook Or Team_afk_sheffield on Instagram You won’t be out of your depth as we have new beginners all the time
  8. At AFK you will find sparring partners of all abilities . You can spar as light or as heavy as you like. There will always be someone who'll give you a good spar
  9. In all honesty I was teasing It's just my sense of humour . No disrespect meant mind you . On a serious note we all spar like that at AFK. Fast light and technical. If I land a slightl harder shot, I will stop touch gloves and continue. If they land a good shot on me, I laugh acknowledge and touch gloves to continue. I'm really enjoying the sparring lately . I'm sparring with all ranges of ability from beginners to English champions. I spar with all sorts , boxers Muay Thai fighters, MMA guys, TKD / Karate stylists. I keep an open mind and if you have a good technique or a trick, I'm taking it and incorporating it in my own personal style I'm pretty sure you'll teach me a thing or two and I can show you things you might not be familiar with. I've a feeling we are going to have a lot of fun Always welcome brother .
  10. Hi Alexandre I'm interested in learning about technical sparring from you Regards Farhad Ali
  11. Beginners class tomorrow at 830pm See you all there S3 8GW
  12. AFK are based at Knox boxing gym If you're advanced , bear in mind AFK have produced a lot of champions and have a 90%+ win ratio in competition We are based at Waverley house Stanley street Wicker riverside Sheffield S3 8GW
  13. We have beginners classes for kickboxing Mondays and Thursdays are our main days 830-930pm We are based at Knox boxing gym Waverley house Stanley street Wicker riverside Sheffield S3 8GW
  14. AFK kickboxing do a kids class every Wednesday Our gym is on the wicker Behind La Perle cafe , opposite Caesars massage Wednesday 7pm Each class is £5 Knox boxing gym Waverley house Stanley street S3 8GW 07775914155
  15. Hi everyone AFK kickboxing was based at Sidney street in town Since last week we've had a relocation to larger and better premises We are now on THE WICKER Where all the takeaways are Sheffield's equivalent of Wilmslow road Our new address is Knox boxing gym Waverley house Stanley street S3 8GW our beginners classes are : Monday 830pm Tuesday 7pm Thursday 830pm Sunday 9am Kids class : Wednesday 7pm 07775914155 http://Www.sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk
  16. I do a kids kickboxing class on the wicker AFK kickboxing Knox boxing gym Waverley house Stanley street Sheffield S3 8GW Wednesday 7-8pm £5 a class http://Www.sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk
  17. No way !!! I was actually the referee and the ring announcer . We had technical problems with the dodgy mike initially
  18. Hi everyone Have you always enjoyed martial arts and wanted to compete but never had the chance? Have you always wanted a goal to work towards ? Do you want to get fitter ? Too many people want to get a match against someone of equal ability but quite often it could be your first fight after 6 months while your opponent could be a Black Belt 2nd Dan and been boxing for years on the side but only just decided to have their first fight. How do we combat this? SIMPLE : We train ALL combatants, then 2 weeks before the event we decide who will fight who based on weight ability and age. Do YOU wish to be considered? Not trained before? No problem. We'll just match you with someone who hasn't trained before either Too old ? well match you with an older candidate. Not fit enough ? Thats OUR job !!! All training takes place at AFK Kickboxing 07775914155 http://www.sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk
  19. I second that, i get on very well with Joe McGovan and his fighters. I was at their fight shows after party. I didnt know most of them yet they were talking to me like theyd known me ages. Nice bunch of lads and lasses.
  20. Cheers old pal We will be having an open day come along and socialise ---------- Post added 23-04-2016 at 18:59 ---------- Knox Boxing gym new address 1st floor Waverley house Stanley street Wicker Riverside S3 8GW
  21. Im not sure where that is, we are moving to Waverley house
  22. After many successful years in the city centre on Sidney street , AFK Kickboxing will finally be moving to larger premises. AFK kickboxing have been instrumental in many spheres, both in producing winning fighters and champions as well as in the Education system. There have been numerous articles online in the papers and also on TV about how AFK instructors have been reengaging disengaged students in education. AFK Kickboxing will be based near the WICKER itself !!! Round the corner from La Perle Cafe and across Caesars sauna and massage. Also near the Sea Cadets centre. Any questions ring 07775914155 http://www.sheffieldkickboxingclub.co.uk
  23. Looks like the title belongs to AFK NO losses in the past 12 months
  24. You sir are a legend!!! I salute you and your Sheffieldness :hihi:
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