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Football on TV , would you buy a season ticket for it.

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17-02-2017, 00:53   #1
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How long before you can watch your own team at home on tv ? for a season ticket price ???

And would you prefer it ?? the way its going with so many games on tv now I think it will happen . support your team from home

not sure the die -hard fans will like it but im sure most chairmen would . its all about money in football and I can really see it happening in a few yrs .
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17-02-2017, 09:45   #2
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Yes. In Germany, you can subscribe to your team through sky de. Then you can watch every Bundasliga game they play, alot cheaper than uk sky too.They dont have any attendance issues either. The EFL already have the framework in place for this. As of last season, every team are connected with a dedicated fibre network, so you can stream a game to your ground.
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17-02-2017, 14:40   #3
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A few years back, Sky had a premier league channel that did both pay-per-view or if I remember correctly about 85 matches per season if you pre-bought. That was similar to a season ticket and as a Villa fan (yeah, yeah) it meant I got to watch my team every couple of weeks.
Sadly I hardly ever watch any TV now, let alone have the time to watch footy as much as I'd like!
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18-02-2017, 19:17   #4
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I'm not a football fan in-fact I detest the game but I'm sure if I was a fan I would not pay to watch it on TV.
I'm a big boxing fan and I refuse to pay per view any boxing match.
This pay per view era will eventually ruin the sport as now I can only name a hand full of boxers compared to the good old days of mainstream tele.
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26-02-2017, 13:28   #5
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A lot of American Sports already do this - not just for your own team though, for the entire league. The NHL Ice Hockey i think it's about $150 for a season and you can watch any game apart from what Premier Sports are showing over here.

The ice hockey clubs in the UK already do webcasts for home games - including Sheffield who charge 8 i believe for a game. They won't show certain games (mainly v nottingham) but it wouldn't surprise me if football clubs go down this route eventually - at least the bigger clubs who could sell out a stadium with this available.
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26-02-2017, 18:03   #6
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It would be a useful idea for those who cannot make every live game!
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