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  1. Thats what i was thinking. Thanks for the advice Halibut:thumbsup: She is still denying she has told her mum even though i know otherwise. I just see it as blatent lying and dont know i can/should trust her.
  2. Me(35) and the wife(38) went for iui treatment...it didnt work, she fell pregnant 3 months ago naturally...we told people around 5 weeks, she then miscarried the day after ! We struggled to conceive naturally and We both then agreed to wait for 12 weeks scan next time she got pregnant before we told people. We have just had ivf which was successful and she is now 7 weeks pregnant. Turns out that despite our agreement to wait 12 weeks, she has told her mother and best mate she's pregnant. Am i right to be really annoyed by this ? I know she's excited and has wanted this for a few years now so should i just let it slide ? Am i over reacting ? She hasnt told anybody else, just her mum and best mate.Please advise !
  3. You must be simple if you cant understand clear signs.
  4. Sheffield is becoming a gangster's paradise. The police have lost control some time ago. More shootings than ever before.This is no city of sanctuary and current statistics back that.
  5. Primarily there for shoplifters, if a fight occurs then you dont go in without your colleagues to help intervene, restrain etc. They are not stupid, they are trained to work as a team and watch each other's backs.
  6. i would bet that the issue is chrome. uninstall chrome then reinstall. Do you still have the same issue when using chrome after reinstallation ? If so then i would use safari until an update has been applied to chrome, maybe a month or so. Safari is just as easy as chrome to use so have a good browse on safari and you'll be used to it in no time.
  7. Try using the built in internet browser called safari. Do you still have the same issue? If so please state which ipad model you have along with which software version. To do this go settings- general-about.
  8. Another alcoholic beverage establishment is sorely needed for the area, especially on matchdays. Will be nice to have some different food on matchdays too.
  9. You should get police on it and SF should have his ip address so he can be found.
  10. This thread is oozing of owls really hoping that Wilder will leave.They dont like it and want a carlos type at the lane.
  11. Software. Try a different version of andriod and you'll find the battery life is ok again. Quite a common problem on phones with android.
  12. We think its hilarious. They are now in the same league as us, they are up for sale. They are a mess, Tufty wouldnt turn his head. Just a result of his recent success so this was expected to be honest.
  13. Lg are not good.I wouldn't touch one. They may look great and have a decent reputation but i really dont why. Perhaps good marketing.Missing pixels, sluggish menu, ports failing are the most common complaints but they have high failiure rate compared to sony,samsung,panasonic and hisense.
  14. I am thinking of going next year to be fair, i thought that maybe poles could have air cushions and hay bales could be replaced with tecpro barriers which offer way more give and cushioning. As for the kerbs, iam not sure. And iam not sure my suggestions would make too much difference either. I think that if this was in the uk or elsewhere in Europe, the races would have been stopped years ago, but as you point out, the Isle of Man have their own laws and they most probably rely on the tourism that the TT brings. Thats mad that you lost over 5 friends to the TT, yet you still love it, as does everybody else. Must be a very special place, hopefully il find out myself next year.
  15. Ive only been watching it for 3-4 years so you obviously know more than me. I know the riders accept the dangers etc.It just seems to me that the TT is an exception to motorsport safety. I know of no other form of motorsport on either 2 or 4 wheels that has so little safety precautions. Dont get me wrong, I really admire the riders bravery and iam sure that this is the appeal of the TT. The danger, its a big reason i watch it but i just think it could be alot safer in this day in age without losing the speed or make up of the course. What additional safety measures have been put in place since you started to watch ?
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