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  1. Anyone know whats going on at swallowness there seems to be a lot of flashing blue lights? can't see much cus i'm at beighton
  2. i didnt post this to upset anyone yes i did check online & must have been looking at the wrong site as didnt see that they had stopped service at handsworth,we did get him a taxi from work in the end. sorry if i offended anyone with my post.
  3. i didnt find the need to mention that till people started to reply unnecessary comments
  4. my sons a bad asthmatic he was in a state when he gt home yest so yes you cn maybe appreciate why im angry wondering what he will be like when he gets in today people should think before replying their thoughts
  5. yes seen the weather thanks the bus was running this morning & all day today !
  6. im so angry as yet again the no 30 bus as not turned up when it should have at handsworth & my son has got to walk all the way to beighton to get home at this time,the same happened yesterday too, as anyone else had any problems with this service
  7. unfortunately im working christmas eve & boxing day will have to make the most of christmas day merry christmas too all
  8. hi i was just wondering if anyone had any advice on working for sky how much is the hpourly rate? are they a good company to work for? good n bad points thanks
  9. if there isnt any other relatives that can take her in then its social services they can put her in a hostel for kids.
  10. hi does anyone know of a reliable unlocking service ive just phone one and they said £10 which is best price so far ,but told me i may have to leave my phone and noway am i doing that any ideas ?
  11. hi hope this helps just got it off a police site the child must not work; •before 0700hrs and after 1900hrs on a school day •must not work during school hours •must not work for more than two hours on a school day •not work for more than 12 hours during a school week (1 hour between 7am and 830am and 1 hour between end of school and 7pm or 2 hours between end of school and 7pm) •not for more than 2 hours on a Sunday (between 7am and 11am) •not for more than 5 hours a day if he/she is under 15 years old on any day that is not a school day and not a Sunday (Saturday and school holidays) •not for more than 8 hours a day if he/she is over 15years old and over on any day that is not a school day and not a Sunday (Saturday and school holidays) •for more than 35 hours in a week if he/she is aged 15 and over •for not more than 25 hours in a week if he/she is under 15 •he must have at least two consecutive weeks off in any year during which he/she does not work and is not at school.
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