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  1. i had the police at work yesterday to pick up some cctv, i asked the officer what had happened, she said she couldnt say but was "something not very nice at all"
  2. At the bottom of the moor near the cigarette kiosk opposite brighthouse, look at the poster on the wooden fence advertising the new market, the guy at the front sat on the bench is Mr Izzard, coincidence or good photoshopping, you decide but its deffo him !
  3. My son referees junior matches at the United academy and he reckons Jordan Slew's younger brother will be even better than he is.
  4. I remember a night bus in the mid 90's, left Arundel gate at 1am, flat fare of £1 wherever you were going, went all through every village/housing estate on the route to Aston, took forever but was a good laugh, a jam packed bus full of drunks, happy days.
  5. Hope so, she been paying in for long enough so a little back wont go amiss, even if its only 50-60 quid a week, she has got a few irons in the fire jobwise so hopefully it wont come to that.
  6. Thanks so far, no payment in lieu of notice, and i think the savings threshold is 15-16k so she is nowhere near that.
  7. Advice needed please folks, my mrs is taking volunary redundancy at the end of may, she is gonna get about £5000. Can she sign on straight away or is there a waiting period. Thanks in advance.
  8. Has anyone that applied to sky for the contact centre jobs had an interview yet ? They said callbacks gonna start around mid april so was wondering if anyone has been contacted yet ?
  9. I had a letter at work saying there is going to be a party on Devonshire street/Devonshire green area, from what i recall it seems its going to be professionally run. If its a sunny day and people come out for it then things could get messy down there.
  10. Same here, 2 quick blackouts in heeley, top of albert road. kills the sky and laptop for ages
  11. In response to the OP their website suggests you can pick your own hours, between 35 and 37.5 per week between 8.30 am and 11.00 pm, although the site suggests you have to work some of the core hours, im guessing they would be mid morning, lunch and early evening.
  12. I have had 2 replies, the first, the standard "we got your application" email then a more specific one asking abiut my experience solving broadband problems. They are starting to interview mid April, the call centre is at the digital campus in the town centre.
  13. Gunner, just do like everyone else down there, help yourself !!
  14. i dont think hyde park is listed, did you mean parkhill ? if i cant have a dish there is a communal dish available, been offered a flat there but i need sky tv for my work.
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