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  1. For all of you that like to frequent Chapel St. Leonards, there has been a severe fire at the Ginghams Fish & Chip Shop & Restaurant on Trunch lane. Nobody was hurt but the chippy has been totally wiped out and fire damage to the Restaurant. One of the fryers caught fire and got out of control too quickly. The lady and her children that lives above the chippy was fortunate enough not to lose her property this time around, she suffered a total loss of possessions last season when she was living in the hotel that caught fire in Ingoldmells. Her flat is suffering from smoke damage though, she was also a staff member of the Chippy/Resteraunt below and has now lost her job. She's spent a year recouping her losses from the last fire and now has to replace carpets, and pretty much everything else that is going to stink from the fire. I know folks were generous the last time round but this family could use your help again, there are children involved here, they could do with your help. Please donate generously. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/ginghamfirerelieffund
  2. I feel for the children, what a way to spoil Christmas eh, literally stood watching their belongings (including presents) go up in flames. But I've entered 99% of Sheffield businesses dressed as a Clown raising funds for disabled kids so I know just how charitable this city can be. Hence me appealing on their behalf, lets get into the Christmas Spirit and give a little, I'm sure in cases like this one where children are affected every penny counts.
  3. You may not have heard that a hotel went up in flames on Friday, there were several families that were living in them, they've lost everything including pets. http://www.skegnessstandard.co.uk/news/families-describe-how-they-fled-for-their-lives-from-blazing-hotel-in-ingoldmells-1-7727884 A lot has been donated by folks in the surrounding areas, but we're talking about a population of around 40,000. This is why I'd like to ask my fellow Sheffielders to help towards their cause and make a donation. They've got children, babies with nothing more than the clothes on their backs and winter is closing in. https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/Sea-lane-hotel
  4. Maybe they're running at a loss because they spent the money opening a hundred new stores. http://www.conveniencestore.co.uk/news/morrisons-plans-to-open-100-m-local-stores-by-end-of-2013/347211.article
  5. Anyone seen this video about Skegness by 50 Sniffz. It's a parody.
  6. I would also like to point out that this government was not elected.
  7. I found this youtube rap amusing.
  8. has anyone mentioned geo-engineering and its effect on climate yet?
  9. What's to say we don't turn them into a delicacy?
  10. I agree with you and that is how I got de-registered, I put the onus on them to prove I am not learning every single waking second of every day without expecting me to jump through hoops. And sometimes on through the night subconsciously in a dream. They can't prove it because the fact is that I was, I still am.
  11. Cry me a river. I didn't and haven't ever needed those bits of bond paper people seem to think its worth the agony for. I signed myself out of school at 15, you see schooling isn't the only way to educate a child. When the truancy officers (two young girls barely out of school themselves) came to hunt me down, I moved away from home, when they threatened my parents with fines I got a job to cover the costs. They still harassed my dad, so I offered them an appointment at a time of my choosing at a location of my choosing and under my terms. In the meantime I went to the library and spoke to the librarian about rights and education laws, to which I was handed all the documents I needed. When I sat those two girls down and berated them for an hour over how they'd been treating my family I put them in a position where they had no option but to de-register me. I have never regretted that moment, I don't blame my few failures in life on having no GCSE's and haven't needed them for all my successes which dwarf my failures.
  12. And still with a patronizing attitude you retort. Would you mind addressing my question, were any of your three holidays off peak? I think the biggest over reaction on this thread is the fact people will be charged £60 for a weeks holiday by the education department, and £120 if not payed within x amount of time. That to me sounds like the biggest over reaction here.
  13. Well you've shown me that 30+ years experience is worthless if you expect people to believe that his education never recovered from a couple of weeks at the beginning of term. How preposterous to excuse a schools failures on a couple of weeks. I have aspergers, I never had friends, still don't, and don't need any either. I signed myself out of the education system at 15 and have never needed any bits of bonded paper nor regretted my choice. As I have already stated home schooled children have the right to cheap holidays, state schooled children should be allowed the same. And why is it any different when schools arrange holidays to france, Thornbridge Hall etc in term time. This is nothing more than another Tory nail in their own coffin, a money making scheme to hit the already deprived folk. Whilst damaging the UK's off-peak tourism industry. ---------- Post added 04-06-2013 at 16:22 ---------- Children that deny themselves a holiday on the grounds of education are robbing themselves in my opinion, they have a lifetime of educating, the good moments are becoming more frequently scarce. Tell me were any of these three holidays you had as a child out of season or in term time as they like to call it. And being a "cheeky bint" isn't anything to do with having a differing opinion and more having an attitude that wrongfully assumes someone with a differing opinion to your own is in some way believing their entitled to everything, extremely patronizing and slanderous. And no I don't have any respect for your opinions they ended the second you slandered me.
  14. Cheeky bint, since when does wanting the best for your child equate to feeling entitled to everything, it doesn't. My daughter is currently partaking in college redoing the GCSE's she wasn't adequately taught in school and working until late in a chip shop. I haven't taught my child that she's entitled to everything, I've taught her to continually better herself and to earn her way. She currently gets a 3hr break for five days of the week and works 6. The difference being she can now book a cheap week from work/college and take that option without penalty. Also throughout the whole of her schooling she only had that one year without a 100% attendance. And to top it all off, home schooled children have the right to cheap holidays without the penalty of a fine, state schooled children aren't allowed to be treated equally? I think your attitude stinks, what does it matter what anybody does for a living.
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