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  1. I had a total thyroidectomy a few years ago and went straight onto levothyroxine. Ive been seeing a consultant at the hospital for nearly 4 years now, every 8 weeks, to try and help me get balanced and feel well. Hes been very supportive and ive tried various drugs one of which was armour thyroid that he ordered in from america for me. I have to say that after months on armour I had to admit that it made no difference at all and actually the stress of not knowing if it would arrive from the usa each time and then going to the hospital each time to collect it was a challenge. My cognition, vision, mood and memory have never been the same since my operation and im accepting they will never be. So now I take levothyxroxine and a number of minerals and vitamins and do the best I can to regulate my mood to try and be less bipolar than I have the default of being. Plus exercise and calm at times.
  2. Yes! I think there were 3 and they were a few minutes apart. Worrying.
  3. My little black cat didn't come home last night and was last seen on Albert Road about 5pm yesterday. He is male, all black, quite slinky looking, about 1 year old. He is microchipped. Please can you look in your sheds and check if he is locked in somewhere. Please message me if you have seen him. ---------- Post added 25-10-2014 at 20:01 ---------- Now found! He was locked in the neighbours shed all night
  4. Thank you for the replies so far they are a help. They all seem to be of a similar mind to me so far and I would like to hear others views, even those who aren't particularly interested in receiving a benefit from any of the work that may happen there. The sceptics' points of view are also welcome.
  5. Hi tzijlstra, This would certainly fit my thinking as one of the streams of cultural development. How to frame that positively so that it didn't become an agressive debating society would need some thought I imagine, but yes I can see this kind of work being in the picture. You are also right in it being an altruistic act. My belief is that it needs to be altruistic for it to have the right and correct impact socially. Giving altruistically in my opinion is the way to reform society on a large scale. Just my opinion.
  6. Bianca wasn't found unfortunately and we have had to accept the fact that she died somewhere but I just wanted to thank you all for your help with this. I am truly appreciative of your thoughts, comments and practical acts. Much love and thanks to you wonderful folk!
  7. Bianca wasn't found unfortunately and we have had to accept the fact that she died somewhere but I just wanted to thank you all for your help with this. I am truly appreciative of your thoughts, comments and practical acts. Much love and thanks to you wonderful folk!
  8. I'm interested in people's thoughts on the needs of the people of Sheffield. This isn't for an assignment, or for academic research purposes before anyone becomes nervous about giving their response. This is for personal interest as I feel I know some things that the people of Sheffield need and would benefit from in a social context but not everything, as I only have my own perspective to work from. What are the issues that people face in Sheffield right now that cannot be met by public sector? (and I'm not looking to have anyone buy services from me, so no need for caution there either). In addition to the potential concerns above I can also reassure that this isn't nebulous and meaningless questioning of you all. I value your time as I do my own so any replies will be greatly appreciated. So I guess the only thing left is charitable contributions... which I am also not asking for from anyone. It would be fair at this stage to give some kind of clue why I wish to know your thoughts on the question above so I will hint at that now. I have a place/centre/building/space call it what you want as I don't wish to define it further at this point. This space needs energy/people/life/ and has a long history of good social intention behind it. In order for it to have life/people/energy it needs a new social context and I'm only interested in one that meets the needs of Sheffield people, who may be needy. When I say needy you can also define that how you wish. Needy of food? Education? Nurturing? social contact? general vulnerability? It is also fair of me to say that there is money to take care of this as long as there is an educational element to some of the needs identified. To give an example of my thinking (which is only one individual perspective) I feel some of the needs are: A need to redress the balance of food in the city. A need to redress the balance of imagery that children are exposed to (be it GTA 5 / inappropriate and accidental internet use / etc.) A need for adult education that is free A need for cross community sharing These are a few things that come to my mind immediately but I am genuinely interested to hear others views from across the city. What do you see as the need in our city now, at this time and time meaning era? Here's hoping
  9. I've heard very good reports about this holiday in particular in Ylas. http://www.inghams.co.uk/santa-holidays/resorts/hotels/item351307/yllas-lapland-winter-wonderland-7-nts/
  10. Probably a bit silly, but still holding out hope... haven't yet cancelled her vets appointment which is on Tuesday.
  11. Thank you so much that is very kind of you. We will work on a poster tonight. ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 17:03 ---------- That's so lovely to hear. She's very friendly when she has the energy. Thank you for offering to keep an eye out for her it means a lot. ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 17:03 ---------- I doubt she would have made it that far but you never know so I will check this out. Thank you. ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 17:05 ---------- Thank you for all of those tips and I will certainly work on them as I hadn't thought to contact a vet. She is registered at highfield vets and due to go there next week for more medication and a check up ---------- Post added 17-09-2013 at 17:11 ---------- Thank you everyone for your help and concern so far. She hasn't turned up yet but I'm still hopeful. Even if you think you have seen an injured cat I would rather know her fate than be left wondering if she is somewhere helpless.
  12. Well she does follow outlines of people and she can feel you stamp your feet near her.....
  13. That would be wonderful thank you! I have just put it on facebook too. She is called Bianca, not that she will hear if you call her.
  14. hopefully this works: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f233/titian1/cat/559864_10151732937704816_762101019_n.jpg
  15. hopefully this works: http://i48.photobucket.com/albums/f233/titian1/cat/559864_10151732937704816_762101019_n.jpg
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