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  1. Didn't you know this? that is why you will here in a court something like "contrary to the road traffic act bla bla bla" (act of Paliment) and contrary to common law (criminal law). You will never go before the crown court for an act as these are held in a commercial court (A magistrate court) a sort of mixture between the county court and privet prosecutions held by the CPS (usualy criminal) and Councils (privet as they are a limited company) You can hire the court yourself if you have the cash and prosicute who ever you like However a magistrate can not operate in a commercial capacity if under oath and should only hear arguments put before the court. a referee if you will. A magistrate can however imprison someone if they surrender, create joinder or give consent to the court. And no i'm not a freeman you don't have to be a "freeman" to know your rights No Harm No Loss (including fraud) No injury No beach of the peace Stick to those principals and you will never be a criminal. everything else is just an act of parliament. a collar around the neck to keep people under control and in servitude. But hay your as free as you think you are right? oh and for a crime to be committed, there has to be an injured party.
  2. Love it. even when trying to put a useless message out, they can't spell. AWAR LMFAO
  3. No I'm saying that all prisoners should vote. Prisoners have family and kids too. Besides most of the pedophiles are out of prison. you know the people that work in respectable jobs and VOTE. Politicians, Council workers, Social workers, schools, you know, all the good working people oh and did i mention the BBC The South Yorkshire police and the Met see to that for you and you pay for it in your council Tax and licenses. You know, all the good working people
  4. pedophilia is a crime not an act. please read my post ya numpty
  5. No! I also think that prisoner should vote too. Now I Know your just waiting to jump on this, but here me out. Just say the government bring out a new act and decides to send all unemployed to the gas chamber. Now... ...Your working what would this mean to you? nothing. Why would it? Now how do Pensioners, Disabled, Mentally handicapped, Your Son, Daughter, Grandchildren who as things are going will never have a job, stop this? You couldn't because we would be living in Nazi Germany!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who are you to say that someone, anyone, should not be listened too. as far a prisoners are concerned may be the time they serve is based on an act, A rule of government (NOT A LAW) something that can change with the consent of the governed. If the individual incarcerated was able to vote, he may be able to change the act that incarcerated him so that it could not happen to others. I will give an example, The suicide act 1961 decriminalized the act of suicide for which you could receive a sentence equivalent to homicide/murder. A stupid law made by unintelligent ill-informed bunch of pricks brought this in. of course now we all know now that compassion and understanding can give these people i good productive life. Unfortunately at the time these individuals knew that imprisoning them would not help and just instilled misery. If they could have voted they would have VALUE not just to them selves but for future generations to come.
  6. Hi there J's Mum, Let me first start by saying, being alone is simply a state of mind. Not that your fears are simple but it seems from what you have said, you have time to explore other activities. There are so many groups and volunteer organizations that would welcome you and will expand your the circles you move around in. Try looking for things that interest YOU. For example an allotment would be a good place to start if you have time on your hands. You can find that there is a great comradeship between plot holders. Maybe look at some of the dreams you had an reinvent them. It's not an easy question to answer and I'm sure that when you come out the other side you will be wiser and more confident My heart is with you and all my best wishes x
  7. It was a rhetorical question you would have to be a compete plank to think the traffic lights etc would run on zero emissions. It Costs money that was his point
  8. This is the problem getting your point across sometimes. Some don't even read the thread before... ...how was it put?... ...ah yes frothing at the mouth lol:hihi: There maybe not at be lot agree with us WeedNoMore but they fall down every-time the sheep try to make a point.
  9. I'll notify the council may be they could change the matrix to announce that nothing worse than a half eaten sandwich
  10. Not for long got to work . Been good thrashing it out though.
  11. So you missed the point, that's ok. Guess being lead around is better than thinking for yourselves but it's not for me. Maybe it should say "look at me i'm a sign" or "stupid driver approaching" or "You could have provided a child with a foster home if you hadn't bought me" lol Be safe out there
  12. When they are switched on only when there is something to say, Say something useful Funded by the EU? Paid for by us. Not the Council. The council are very good at spending our money. Just a shame its not put to good use. If it was attached to their own personal electric meter I think it may come on only when necessary.
  13. I don't know do you? How many accidents have you had? Who was at fault? Would you tell your insurance you where distracted? If you were distracted that would mean you were be driving without due care and attention. Who going to admit that? Would you? facing loss of license heavy fine or even imprisonment? or would you say it was just an accident that just happened. no ones fault? I don't think that would be much consolation to anyone family that was injured or even killed. When everyone has picked up the peaces of their lives the Sign will still be there giving useless info and more distraction. You would be ultimately reasonable not SSC
  14. 100% agreement would be boring, I'll give you that. I does however concern me that a sign at the side of the road that is meant to distract you to give information as to the driving conditions, is used for pointless statistics and messages that doesn't make the road safer. It also concerns me that some people don't think this way. I really hope for everyone to be safe out there on our busy roads.
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