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  1. Thank you all for your comments. It is interesting to see how many people remember what was, not long ago, a major company in that area. Obviously, from the responses so far, a lot of people do not remember them, which seems to be typical of many erstwhile famous names.
  2. That is all fascinating and I will note it all. It helps to build a picture of the company and the times. As for the 6 months advance, the length of that was changed at various times, in line with changes in the annual Budget. When the Chancellor increased or decreased HP deposits, in an effort at controlling the UK economy, rental advance payments changed as well. There was certainly far less credit available "back then".
  3. Thank you all for the comments so far. I have noted all of them, and hope to see many more.
  4. I am writing a book about the changes in the retail TV & radio trade since the war. As I am sure those of you over a certain age will recall,high streets used to be full of a large number of retail and rental TV chains. Sheffield had the Head Office of Wigfalls, as well as a number of their stores. (In fact, they had 100 branches in 1985.) I am trying to contact anyone who worked for them, and gather as much information as possible about the company. I know they took over Curry's, and assumed the better-known Curry's name, and that they, in turn, were absorbed by Dixons. However, I would also like anecdotes, and trivia items, plus, especially, any human interest stories. Recollections about them, of any type are welcomed. If anyone has any such information, please contact me by PM, or email to: alan "at" alanstepney.info Of course, some of you may have memories that others in your local area might appreciate, so why not post them here too? The same applies to any of the other "high street" multiple tv outlets. If you worked for any of them, please get in touch. Particularly if you were involved in the tehcnical side. Thanks.
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