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  1. 3 bedroom house Stannington Sheffield council Wanting 3 bedroom house Hillsborough Areas.
  2. I've paid for a digital code for xbox gold membership from this company....not received it ...or any email ...anyone else dealt with these?
  3. Hi I've been on T4 only for about 7 years now and decided I want to try NDT. ..anyone else with thyroid problem made the switch?
  4. I had someone throw a pice of brick through my bedroom window at 4am this morning....quite a scary thing! Just wondering if anyone else had this last night on Jordanthorpe?
  5. Hello again it's an acer extensa 5235 now it's showing a red x when I press the wireless button looool ... Starting to pull out hair. Loool
  6. Hello that's very kind of you I'm not able to take it at the min due to work so is there anything I would be able to try instead. Many thanks.. Lesley
  7. Hi I've done all the quick things such as turned on and off.. Checked for the driver updates.. Alls up to date but its saying the atheous driver not working properly... So my laptop has no wifi at all... Any advice would be great ... Thankyou...
  8. about an hour ago i heard noises outside,then when i peeked out the window a chuffing bloke on my back garden saw me and jumped over the gate!...hes attempted to take a window out the consevatory.....nice man....no sleep for me ...and im at work at 8.....
  9. hi im hypothyroid and been taking thyroxin for about 4 yrs....im not happy with my doctors seemingly uninterested advice so im wanting to know has anyone in the same boat as me got intouch with a thyroid proffesiona whos actually helped?....like many hypo sufferers ive got a very low appitite yet gained penty of weight that stays put no matter what i do...oh and only hypo sufferers will believe me on that also.....lol....i dont want to just accept that im stuck with this weight which basically is what my doctors say....i need to get this sorted.....any advice appreciated:)
  10. theres to many busy bodies on here.....and thread spoilers im afraid...puts people off .......
  11. Hahaa...liking all the little jokes...i txt him saying "are you ok flower!" looool bless...
  12. it was near the glossop rd area so plenty of students about... guess he just was picked out from the crowd......i would have deffo got the reg plate number ...but he was that angry he didnt think....
  13. its not good is it...i cant stop feeling it was racially motivated as my other half is a black guy......Mmmmm.....bet they had a big laugh about it......
  14. im absolutely gobsmacked that some evil idiot in a van shouted to my other half this afternoon then threw a flour bomb at him!.....at first i did laugh :hihi:but then i thought how bad is that!......he was livid its a good job he didnt catch up with that van!.....whats the world coming to ?......
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