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  1. I think its great that so many people are honouring those killed in the 2 great wars but please remember those killed and injured in more recent conflicts, many leaving young children and babies who may not in later life remember their lost parent.
  2. If anyone is interested a friend of mine has written a book called "Life and love on the Cliffe". She had a book signing at Banners shop last Friday. I did'nt grow up on the Cliffe but have not been able to put the book down, I also got one for a friend who did grow up there and many places mentioned are familiar to her though most are long gone.
  3. I went to the pictures[cinema] tomorrow I got a front seat at the back A lady gave me a chocolate I ate it and gave it her back
  4. I used to know a Diane Else, I beleive her parents had a grocers shop on Abbeydale Rd.
  5. lights or not bet they're not as good as ours were
  6. I think a lot of the girls including our Chris had a crush on Neil. Yes Peter you're right now I remember it was Mr Wall
  7. Hi pipsmum, did you know my sister Christine Bellamy I think she may have been in the same year as you but as you said o.m.g its such a long time ago.
  8. Hi Gloria, your name seems familiar though I left a year after you. I think the swimming instuctor at Broadfield Rd baths was called Mr Ward.
  9. I did, Window Breakers and Donkey top though why it was called adonkey top I don't know as it was shaped like an acorn.
  10. I went to Abbeydale infants and junior in the main building on Glen Road then on to secondary school on Abbeydale Rd. Lowfield like Carterknowle was a feeder school.
  11. did you ever do toast on an open fire. no taste to beat it
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