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  1. Can recommend NEW LIFE Wostenholm Rd Tel 2551578 They have just replaced door on our Bosch washer.Prompt friendly and reasonably priced.
  2. Strange.The BBC Look North programme and BBC Radio Sheffield drive-time have chosen to ignore this story.Although ITV Calendar and the Daily Mail have both given it extensive coverage. Would some reporter kindly interview the Head of Children's Services -a new woman I think - and also those parents that wanted to continue with two assemblies. We need to know the full facts cus it's looking pretty nasty.
  3. He'll be greatly missed.Wonder who's next -these things always come in threes. My wife wondered if it was a hart attack?
  4. Tiring of her Brazilian lower hair -cut my good wife opted for a "badger". Still cannot get used to a triangle resembling liquorice and vanilla.
  5. No time for sentiment with old Brock.We gave one a good home but he rewarded us by gnawing part of my good wife's ankle as she lay abed. A country chum confirmed that badgers will consume animals of all sizes -horses,cows and sheep anaconda-fashion. Personally I wouldn't give them house room.
  6. As an atheist I have attended both these churches and was greeted with unfailing kindness and good will. There is no pressure to hand any money over and no pressure to pay for a private sitting.Many of the congregation have recently lost loved ones and while cynics might say that it's all hocus pocus -there is no doubt that lots of lonely and grieving people do find comfort. Some of the visiting mediums are quite entertaining as they announce messages from the "other side".I recall a rather eccentric lady from Skipton at a Sheffield church overwhelmed by the number of messages whizzing via her mortal coil -she resorted to shouting at the heavens -telling them to "get off the line -and that means you Elvis!"
  7. Couldn't help but notice that after the announcement last month that SUFC shares were to be de-listed in January,the price has dropped by 50%...mmm
  8. Snook mentioned donating cash to the NSPCC.Can anyone tell us how the NSPCC was involved in the recently publicised child-abuse cases -Tiffany,Baby P and the Sheffield 'incest' sisters.
  9. It happened on mine and JVC repaired free of charge -and paid all postage costs.So get in quick as free repair offer expires soon.
  10. You obviously are unaware of the Sheffield custom which would give you immediate city status and open the door to a new exciting choice of friends. If you are a young lady you should contact someone preferably of advancing years with the code letters BAZ at the beginning of his name.The Sheffield Forum is your best route here.Then wearing your nicest outfit - a mini skirt would suffice -call at the house of BAZ.A glass of bubbly and warm bath awaits to begin the initiation.The next stage is a closely guarded secret but comes highly recommended. If you are a fellah -sod it..
  11. Mothst plathces will do ith.It doesnt hurth much..honnesth
  12. Oh ye of little faith.Every shopping precinct now has its resident chinaman dishing out the potions. In Worksop the china chap came out when he saw me examining the big window poster of a human foot highlighting organs and diseases . I asked him which blob indicated foot disorders such as corns and bunions.But he didn't seem to understand and went back inside to deal with an itchy pensioner.
  13. Closely guarded secret but the word on the streets is that it is a well-known celebrity from North of the border.Ginger hair.Under 5ft in his wee boots.Nearly died after falling from a beanstalk in a Glasgow panto.Aye ye is getting warm. Described by connoisseurs of comedy as the funniest person on the planet ... an impish laugh-a-minute maestro who has entertained audiences worldwide for half a century ..aye it's Janice Tough aka Jimmie Krankie..
  14. Big housing scheme planned on the former art college site at the top of the hill.Supposed to have plans ready this Autumn but developer has had second thoughts not surprisingly dealing with the the bigwigs at Hallam University.
  15. At last some bright news amid the wintry gloom.None other than Bolton-born presenter Vernon Kay will be flicking the switch on 7th November to bring a hint of Bethlehem to our favourite shopping centre.Vernon who is not related to either funnyman Peter nor Danny "Ugly Duckling" Kaye is well known for his frequent appearances on tv including the compelling Family Fortunes.Better get their earlyand start your festive shopping on a real high.(we understand Jimmy Krankie was not available for personal reasons)
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