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  1. In Indonesia they sentence drug dealers and traffickers to death by firing squad, but people still do it. Regularly. I'm not saying we should reduce sentences for drug dealers, but increasing them isn't a deterrent, that's for sure.
  2. Unfortunately what/who you know doesn't encompass all of reality. Have you ever thought that an ex-"junkie" would want to keep it confidential due to the social stigma placed on it, and the judgement from less open minded people? And then as a consequence, these tax-paying, responsible individuals can't shout up about the good that rehabilitation schemes have done to their lives, and the positive impact it's had for their families and society as a whole, because of the fear of being labelled with the "junkie" tag. ---------- Post added 29-01-2016 at 15:29 ---------- Meanwhile, there are a lot of people (who I would suggest have short sighted, ignorant views, but that's just my opinion), criticising the amount of money invested in substance abuse rehabilitation, and also moaning about "junkies" (I hate that word to be honest) on the street begging them for money! I'm not accusing you of being one of these people though, apologies. You have caught the wrath for something I feel quite strongly about.
  3. Well it's either that or finding somewhere to land the helicopter.
  4. Don't forget the specialist fundraising companies who take a large chunk of incoming monies as part of contracts for pretty much all of the major charities. Heard some shocking stories from people who have worked for them.
  5. Totally agree, but unfortunately it would be political suicide. Remember the "drugs expert" who told the government that ecstasy was safer than alcohol? They sacked him for giving them advice they didn't like! When I say "drugs expert", I mean some boffin scientist guy who advised the government on substance misuse. Not some hardcore 60's hippy that's tried everything going.
  6. The binmen came along my road the other day, and left a trail of litter behind them. The whole road was full of rubbish that had fallen out of the bins while they were emptying them. Anyway, I'm not binman bashing. I know it's not the most desirable job and I'm grateful for the service. But come on guys, please take some care to not leave our streets in a complete state.
  7. Seeing as most of the suits are made in factories in Asia by people working 18 hours a day in shocking conditions for a pittance, I think they'll live with that.
  8. When it comes to substance addiction and mental illness, Sheff Forum never ceases to amaze me with its ignorance. I'm just glad that these views aren't respective of society as a whole.
  9. Plus you could say that about any and all charities, couldn't you? If someone has no money to eat, they will often find money somehow, whether that be to beg, borrow or steal. But I don't think many people will argue that it's wrong to feed someone in need because you're taking money from local businesses!
  10. Seriously guys it just doesn't add up! I think physics is broken.
  11. Bah. Don't come on here Andrew with your reason, logic, and sensible arguements. There is no place for such things on Sheffield Forum.
  12. It's not that simple unfortunately. I'm not a lefty "all beggars need help" type, and I know that each person's situation is different from another, and some are more deserving than others. But the state is absolutely not concerned with the issue of homelessness. A single young person living on the street is incredibly unlikely to be offered a roof over their head by the state. And even if they are, they might not be the most financially responsible. But which of us were in our teenage years? When you have no family or friends to rely on, one's housing situation is a lot more fragile than we sometimes think, and it's easy to end up homeless, and incredibly difficult to claw your way back.
  13. Especially since there's an Odeon cinema on Arundle Gate that's like a ghost town. Is the Odeon even still open? And if so... how?!?! Multi-screen cinemas seem to be the holy grail of commercial property developers nowadays. It's like they're all in competition over how many cinemas they can build. I don't mind the Moor really, I don't find anything particularly negative about it. But that being said, I walk down it quite often, and don't shop in any of the stores there. I think I actually used to prefer it before they closed all the old shops. I'll reserve judgement until it's finished, but I don't understand the cinema either.
  14. Well said! Everyone seems to be doing everything they can to scam money out of us nowadays. How is targetted advertising any different to someone begging on the street? It is manipulative and ubiquitous, you can't escape from it. ---------- Post added 22-01-2016 at 11:42 ---------- A cynical man would say they were asking for a small amount to see how much change you pulled out of your pocket, then would ask for more if you had a few gold nuggets.
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