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  1. Thers quite a few air raid shelters in these fields mostly up on sallys hill and yes there still there. Spent most of my youth growing up in the shire brook valley and its allways nice to have a stroll down there although it has changed alot over the years.
  2. Who in there right mind gave this place listed status obviously not some one from sheffield that hast to look at it or had any dealings there. Its a cess pit and the sooner its knocked down the better.
  3. I think its down to all the new drug rehabilitation schemes that has left a shortage of smackheads and losers to give them to. Unfortunately the council have been left with a load of empty houses and the only people that want them are decent hard workin rent paying familys and its against there guidelines to give these people houses.
  4. That was a brilliant house used to go exploring in there when it was run down and boarded up as kids there was loads of apple and pear trees to scromp from shame it wasnt preserved rather than being turned into a retail park and car park. Can remeber seeing the midnight showing of one of the freddy films with my girlfreind at the time at the cinema here had to walk her home to Beighton after the film and then a scarey walk alone through the fields to hackenthorpe. Seem to remember Eddy the eagle getting stuck coming down his rope on opening day.
  5. Me and my partner passed this earlier but couldnt work out why the side windows were smashed aswell with it being a head on smash.
  6. Was really lookin forward to this but have been a little let down with it not as good as i expected
  7. We have two children in our household one has a 360 one has a ps3 and they both fight over the ps3 as for the 360 being better for media how does that work the only way you could watch Hi Def movies on it was to buy an extra drive that is now obsolete as they chose the wrong format.
  8. Has anyone thought that the dissappearing ducks might have something to do with our eastern european visitors.
  9. Does anyone have any wasps nesting in there shed garage or garden they want removing free of charge pm me if you do and i will get back to you with my contact details.
  10. 12 years and under can fish without a licence and its the environment agency bailiffs that check licences not the NRA you can get day licences if you dont want to buy a year one and getting caught fishing without one can carry a hefty finegood luck.
  11. Its vista only and i think its only 64 bit vista i tried this when bioshock first came out hooked up to a 40 inch hd sony bravia and it looked very nice indeed.
  12. yeah that will be the one we ended up walking home cos we had no taxi money spent it all on beer think ive still got the tape of it somewhere.
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