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  1. My wife had a baby so I think I picked one of the right sex :-) Often hard to tell though. Living over here, not on the run I am glad to say. It hasnt rained AT ALL here for months, when it does start raining I will be complaining thats is not stopped raining for so many days. I saw that you had floods there, the lead story on the BBC news channel. The tourist areas and Bangkok have pool tables, up here in the North East of Thailand it's different. A couple of bars used to have pool tables but no longer. Generally people say pool tables are not allowed, but I dont know how true it is. People gamble on all kinds of things, so why would they have to pick on pool tables, I dont know. I am off to Pattaya on the east coast, to meet a group of friends from Sheffield so will be playing everyday while I am on holiday there. Looking forward to that. Google andy lee thailand for some great pictures on my blog.
  2. As there are so few of you on this pool forum I thought I would say hello. Its Rebel here, who used to play in liam and roger emmotts teams, I know I wasnt of the calibre of you lot ... but I did enjoy my pool. Hello to Alan and Craig, they are the only ones i have worked out are on here. I am living in Northern Thailand, there are no pool tables here .... in my county anyway (gambling is banned here, and they see pool tables as a problem, however snooker tables are OK). I am just playing snooker once a week :-) . Anyway hello and good luck to the South Yorks Team in 2008
  3. No to New Order (Joy Division yes). And no I dont smoke a pipe, however in marcus's and my flat, i remember breaking up cigarettes with Gene October from Chelsea to create roll ups, when he stayed at our house.
  4. All the best people used to chat on the stairs :-)
  5. Many things he said about Africa, America and Iceland turned out to be true. He never told me he had an olympic medal, however after leaving school and being an excellent long distance runner, he was the only smoker who ever beat me in a race ( then i became a smoker :-) ).
  6. The interesting thing was that Marcus's stories (that I didnt believe at the time turned out to be true). He told me he didnt mind that people thought he made things up, he said just cos they hadnt done things, they couldnt believe that anyone else had. And he did things, he turned up in Sheffield and started record labels and gigs etc, WITH NO MONEY, he acted like he had money. When i met him he had enough money for one tin of cat food, i gave him some money to get some food. When we lived in same house we lived literally on one 17 year olds giro, and what fell into my pocket. We had to move cos we couldnt pay the rent. We carried on doing the gigs. You have to admit Marcus did what he said he would, and as time went on I found proof that he had done what he said he had done.
  7. "Very nice bloke" Well thanks for saying that Martin, you obviously know me, sorry I don’t recognise your username. That isn’t a full list of bands, flux of pink indians, poison girls, GBH, off the top of my head. They were great gigs. We also put Nico on, from velvet underground fame. Crass was my favourite gig, in fact they were the best live band I ever saw and saw them all around the country. The only trouble I remember inside the Marples, was Chris Long (RIP i believe) going in the womens toilets. Mark Goldthorpe, Artery singer, did go out onto the window sill, it wasn’t what you would call a balcony. I was in touch with Marcus until recently (& saw him July 2006), unfortunately I have been unable to contact him by phone or email and fear the worst.
  8. Hi Antiload I must know you anyway, but dont know who you are yet. You obviously lived in Crookesmoor area, and frequented the Hadfield, which I went to sometimes ... Had friends and sister on Harcourt Road, but cant remember any events. Terry is well, just managed to get in touch with him after many years. No idea about John though ...
  9. May have been a bloke called andy doing peace news, he's still around sheffield i think. Tikka, he was a character :-)
  10. As the first in the list I can say that I am doing very well. But moved away. Magazine was tri-monthly when possible, sold on Fargate every Sat and at other places and gigs etc. Printed books, pamphlets, posters and postcards. We had a printing press. Organised demos. Organised courses. Had a library and as you say organised some great events :-)
  11. As a 17 year old punk I lived in same house and helped Marcus Featherby organise the gigs, some gigs i did organise by myself however and never took credit. Just got slagged off in the book about Sheffield Band history, by people who themselves were no hopers at 17. Oh well. Marcus never got the credit he deserved, he had a great hand in making the sheffield scene at that time come alive, he gets criticised for not creating a record label like factory in Manchester (which got money off Virgin), the pair of us lived off my Giro, but we brought out many records and organised scores of gigs. AND the gigs were great, next to no trouble in all that time, the one pub bouncer who never raised his hand. Bring a toy (no money) gigs to give womens refuge kids a good xmas. All the good punk bands of the day, and skinhead bands played. I organised an Oi Against Racism gig myself. The bands that played were bands that people asked us to put on (I didn't like the Oi bands). Marcus actually organised the Rock on the Rates thing although the Leadmill lot took what credit they could. Most of that history has never been told the ones that have written were at the time, so into being cool rather than doing something that they missed it. Marcus was in London, at least up until 3 months ago. Great shame he never got the respect he deserved!
  12. Does anyone remember the punk gigs upstairs at the Marples, they were great and never any trouble. People used to come from all over the country. Sheffield was really vibrant then, great days :-)
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