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  1. Are there any free places available in private primary schools for very bright children.
  2. He was a talented man so bring him down seems to be the mindset. If a person of no note had made the comments it would not have ended up in court.
  3. Leave M&S alone they are one of the few remaining shops that represent Britishness and decency in our society. Check out the clientelle when you next use the shop. Good honest people the kind of people we all once were before Britain became a land of Chavs and spongers.
  4. The problem has been that many ebayers have added to their profits by outrageous mailing charges,
  5. Depends where you go in Turkey.If you go to places like Gumbet that caters for the 'party' crowd expect to pay 3.50 for a lager where the quieter places charge around 2.00 sterling
  6. Are the people vetted who close down topics on the forum. Correct me if I am wrong but I feel a lot of posts are closed because one of the moderators personally object to the content. These self appointed moderators should be completly unbiased and at least give their reasons for closing a thread. Otherwise this is not a forum for free speech.
  7. According to one of the residents of Broomhall the Somalians stage dog fights the Staffy being their dog of choice. This area is about 500 yards away from the Moor.
  8. And then as you are not designated seats there is a mighty fight to get on the plane and bag a place to sit.
  9. I have read all these sickly and cloying sentiments regarding the unfortunate dogs. Yet when a child is maimed and sometimes killed you lot barely comment unless to blame the child for having the temerity to be in the same space as the dog. You lot are a breed on your own never mind differentiating between other dog types. If you all have such wonderful dogs how come they cause so much trouble.
  10. So that's o.k. then .You are allowed to be offensive and racist.
  11. I find that comment offensive and downright racist.
  12. Thank goodness it was not another child hurt and maimed and only a dog.
  13. Do we have many members of forum who are Asian or Eastern European or indeed of African origin.
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