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  1. Thanks for help but I guess I was trying to avoid having to book a hotel every single week, and maybe some weeks a room wouldn't be available. I think maybe a B&B or someone with a spare room who would be happy to let it out would be ideal.
  2. I am looking for a room to rent or B&B for 1 night every week (wed), as close to city centre as possible for 47yr old professional male working at University. Can anyone help?
  3. salts- I have just come across your thread and have spent the last 30mins reading through it with various emotions, from anger to joy and finally to utter devastation upon reading your last comment. I know I don't even know you but just felt I had to offer you my condolences at this sad time. Take care. xxx
  4. Have you asked the current owner of the house you are interested in, they may know when it was built on and if there was any planning permission involved. We had an extension added to our previous address and had to notify neighbours in case they had any objections. At the end of the day, if they got permission you would have to live with it and if they did not, you could end up getting involved in a lengthy planning problem and then have to live next door to them, if it was me I would walk away.
  5. I can't stand Frankie, he is rubbish and I hate those skinny jeans he always wears and his ridiculous hair,
  6. Just googled it, not seen it on telly yet, that is wicked:hihi: http://www.ageuk.org.uk/tvad/index.htm
  7. We have just sold ours in April with Saxton, and had no problems at all. Also the year before we had ours advertised with Saxton but the owner of the house we were buying pulled out at last minute and we decided to remove ours from market, Saxton never asked for a penny from us, we had already paid for advertising up front but they never asked for anything else.
  8. What is with all the negativity? Are you going to post the same thing to every other forum member who asks for suggestions, is this not one of the points of a forum. If you don't have any suggestions for me then why do you feel the need to butt in and make negative comments, are you that bored?
  9. This one is excellent, looks lovely, in an area I know well, not too far from town, this is exactly what I was looking for. Many thanks
  10. Thank you very much to everyone for all your suggestions, I will check them out.
  11. Ow for goodness sake, I rejected your suggestion as it was too far away from town, as I have already explained. Yes our family have a car but I don't drive. Anyway can we please just put this to rest now, thank you.
  12. What others, any guests we have had in past have stayed with us. By the way if I was a stranger to Sheffield asking for acommodation I would be put off by your negative attitude.
  13. I didn't state in my request that I wanted it near to Heeley because I actually asked for it to be close to town centre, which (in my opinion) Rivelin Glen is NOT. So once again thank you for your suggestion but it is not what I was looking for.
  14. But if I already lived there why would I have been looking for a B&B, it is only now that I have moved that I need one.
  15. I am not a stranger, I have lived in Sheffield for the past 18yrs and have only just moved away 2 months ago, and no I am not in Boston.
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