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  1. I spotted two parakeets this morning, 11.30, in Graves Park.
  2. We have identified ours as the harlequin variety. These are killing our native ones.
  3. If ever i am unfortunate to find myself in court I want this judge.
  4. I can't understand that the judge has more or less stated that he is guilty of culpable homicide ( should be a lengthy sentence...mmmmm) and allows him to go home. She dosn't remind him of his bail conditions or change his bail conditions. Surely he should have been locked up to await his sentence. I think he will turn up but if it were me I think I would have legged it.
  5. We called Christmas decorations ' wesling balls' and kaily was sherbert.
  6. This road needs some sort of crossing. Vehicles think they are driving in the Grand Prix when coming off the roundabout near Meadowhead. Motorbikes are doing wheelies and lorries suck you in. For goodness sake raise the speed limit I don't care but I don't want killing on the damn thing. There was a subway once but that gate is locked and the embankment too steep to climb. Even though there are two pedestrian signs it seems saving a few seconds is more important than having an accident. Rant over.
  7. Hi Cyb1, It is my friend that spotted the 2 dogs first and reported them lost. She then met the warden chap and he knew about them missing. We will be going down about 9am, I know where the feed station is as this was where they were both found. I have got your no. if we see anything. We will ask at the farm too, the people there are lovely. Ben did play with my friends dog although he was timid. As you say, it's just catching him. At least if he is eating he should have a bit of energy. Let's keep our fingers crossed.
  8. Where is the feed station. My friend and I was down this morning and put some food out. We have had no sighting of him at the top end of the woods near Jordanthorpe by pass and we walk round past the farm. We continually scan the area and listen.
  9. When were they found. Just wondering if the 4 I've reported are stil in the woods. Can't help but think about them especially in this weather
  10. 4 dogs were seen this morning in Jordanthorpe woods. Reported to Sheffield dog Wardens. 2 sound similar to yours. They look very thin and cautious. Food has been left as they won't be caught.
  11. You are right, it was a very poor turn out. We were given tickets by someone because of the poor sales. I think people left during Bolans performance as he was there in body and nothing else. We still had a great time as we were sixteen.
  12. I went. I very much remember Arthur Brown, he would not sing 'Fire, I beg you to burn' and the crowd just boo'd and boo'd . He told us to F off. Marc Bolan was mmmmm..bit out of it I'd say. Still, we had a great night. Brilliant memories.
  13. That was our thoughts too. It was depicted as being proud of the past but if they were to demonstrate life today what would they show. And Paul McCartney.....well! I loved the flame bowl.
  14. I wonder if there is a check list of questions to ask dealers. We purchased a Samsung TV which went wrong. We just had to pack the tv in its box, was told a pick up date, it was tested and then replaced at another specified time. Aftercare is most important.
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