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  1. Shouldn't a "near miss" be a "hit"? *BOOM* "oh my - they nearly missed!" Susie
  2. Rich, I mean no disrespect to you here, but that's asinine. If I can't afford something, I go without. You feel that you're entitled to a discount just because you're disabled? I find that ridiculous. People in wheelchairs that require extra space on a plane SHOULD pay extra. Is it unfair? No - space and weight is at a premium on a plane, why should people be able to take up extra for free? Susie
  3. I'm not sure if it's full or "beta". Again, I didn't install it myself and I'm not so big on technology. I do try to keep up, though Susie
  4. Just to point out, RPG - I'm running a less-than-legal copy of XP Pro (which I didn't install myself, so I dont' know where it's from), and Service Pack 2 is running just fine. It's only certain CD-keys that are blocked, I believe. Susie
  5. Thanks everyone for your help. Now all I need is a base unit for it to stand on. Does anyone know where I could get something like that? I'd prefer somewhere online, as home delivery is a godsend. Susie
  6. Der Der Der song? Isn't that German? Susie, who has no idea what you're talking about either
  7. I'm looking for recommendations on a big screen TV. I just got a reasonable bonus from work, and I'd like to blow it all in one go. Here's an idea of what I'm looking for: - widescreen - at least 30 inches - maximum of £500, but I'd prefer about £400 - Not flat, a normal TV is fine - Hopefully an optical (I think that's right) audio output, but not necessarily Any ideas on TVs would be great, and the same for places to buy them. The temptation would be to go to somewhere like Dixons, but I doubt I'd get a good deal, or not get conned into buying a useless TV. Susie, squinting at a 15 inch screen!
  8. But if they are "definately" fake, then you could make millions from exposing this. If you "can't be arsed" though. I'm disappointed, actually, I was hoping for a more stimulating discussion with you. Susie
  9. I'd love to hear something to back this up, especially if they are "definately" [sic] faked. Susie, who hopes you won't pull out the flag photos, or the "he'd cut the top of his head off" ones
  10. Oh, sorry. Just trying to offer something nice. Susie, regretful
  11. Phone 2580 from your mobile, and hold it up to a speaker playing any song at all. It'll hang up itself, and then send you a text message with the title and artist! You can get the pricing here: http://www.shazam.com/uk/do/help_costs (it's 50p per go, but worth the curiosity) I couldn't believe that this works, and I'm yet to stump it. Susie, who even dug out a 2 Unlimited album
  12. Is the size of the a***s in question a problem to you, Ned? Or is it just the placement of the a***s? Susie, clarify!
  13. I hope the punchline doesn't involve "fingers" Susie, who should know better
  14. Of course man landed on the moon. To clear up some specific points raised here: Keep an eye open for the bit about the cross hairs on the camera lenses being BEHIND the images photographed. the best bits are the flag fluttering in the wind...in zero gavity, hehe Also, proffesional photographers reckon theres no way a spaceman with huge clumsy gloves on could have operated a camera well enough to take pics that are that well contructed All quotes taken from the excellent Bad Astronomy website, which debunks EVERY claim made in the program. Susie
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