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  1. thenewborn

    Ultimate Leppard, Embassy club

    Hi all The Def Leppard tribute band Ultimate Leppard are playing at the Embassy club on Saturday evening. 8 quid advance and 10 quid on the door. Come on down if you fancy a bit of 80s rock!
  2. thenewborn

    Pickup substitution

    its a skill worth learning to be honest. Guitar electronics are (usually) relatively simple, and shops can charge daft prices for 20 minutes work. ---------- Post added 11-05-2017 at 20:28 ---------- But if you want to know of a proper shop... Bedford guitars work for the pros and have a good reputation
  3. thenewborn

    ZVEX fuzz factory

    Hi Mike. what issue are you having with it? Haven't played with one myself recently but I have done in the past. It is a noisy pedal from what I remember!
  4. Just a quick one to say we are still looking to fill these slots.
  5. Hi. I am currently putting a symphonic rock/metal group together. Our influences are Anything from the 80s rock scene, Whitesnake, Van Halen, Ozzy, Bon Jovi, and more modern bands like Nightwish, Brother Firetribe, Within Temptation etc Male or Female singer required, we want to do something in the vein of WT but with a hefty dose of 80s! Keyboard player is also required!
  6. thenewborn

    Egypt reccomendations

    i used to live in cairo I think its love or hate.. personally i found it fantastic, some people look at the poverty and the dirt and that gets to them.. but then again you get that in most cities.. if your expecting dubai you will be dissapointed. but cairo has loads of character and loads history!!! june-september is very very hot, spring and autumn are the best times to go to egypt for the temperature. The people are friendly, some stare but 99% of the time its just harmless curiosity at seeing a westerner in the area. Use your initiative, your in a muslim country, if your a woman your gonna get stared at if you wander around in flip flops, skimpy shorts and a vest. but if you wear less revealing stuff (its not as strict as some muslim countries) you should be fine. Dont eat street food, dont drink tap water, dont eat salads and fruit without a skin. Take that into account, and you will have a fantastic time
  7. thenewborn

    Need help with Ebay

    wouldnt paypal be best?
  8. thenewborn

    Good Keyboard for under £400

    asides from the backing track part, the roland juno D is pretty decent for its price. Im a guitarist first, but record a lot of keys and that does the job quite nicely for that Maybe a laptop or digi hard drive would be better for backing tracks... especially if your wanting to split it and your drummer have a click track to play to
  9. thenewborn

    Guitar lessons in Sheffield?

    Hi. Im based in the halfway mosborough area. Id teach guitar lessons if your interested. PM me for any information!!!
  10. thenewborn

    What puts you off forum meets?

    Ive been a member for quite a while, but ive just no interest to be honest. Im not the "going to pubs and clubs" type, and i dont really enjoy big crowds of people.... and to be honest i have no interest in politics which would probably be the topic of choice on the day... as it seems to be in most topics on here. plus there is something nice and easy about a big pc screen as apposed to a face.
  11. thenewborn

    Why are extremist atheists tolerated?

    muslims have meccah, jews have jerusalem.... atheists can have sheffield!!!
  12. thenewborn

    Why are extremist atheists tolerated?

    this topic is quite hilarious what exactly is an extremist atheist??? an atheist that says anyone who follows a religion is a prat? or an atheist that throws a nail bomb in a church. I would say its quite impossible to be an extremist atheist, since an atheist would have to be doing this atrocity because of his beliefs, and since he doesnt have any.... if you mean extremist atheist as in the first one i said, then of course they wont get done for it. because christians, muslims, jews all do that in some way or another. take for instance the nutter in the street shouting his head off about judgement day. surely if you are to get an atheist done for saying a christian is stupid, then he should go down to. If you mean extremist atheist as in the bomber, then he would get tried as a mass murderer, not an atheist.
  13. thenewborn

    Should I let my 11 yr old have a snake?

    I see no problem with it personally. It cant be much harder than looking after a hamster or a guinea pig, and is definately less work than a dog. Plus its pretty cool and different. The only thing i can see might be a problem is feeding it, as some snakes need feeding with mice etc. The quote that said that you would be responsible is true, but as long as he looks after the pet, and cleans it out, then there will be no problems. If you are not sure he can, maybe try something a little less exotic and difficult, from say, a goldfish or a newt, and then when you are happy that he can take the responsibility move on to the snake. Also, remember you need the full kit, such as heating pads etc, so definately research it beforehand Stu
  14. thenewborn

    What do you think about suicide?

    To be honest, Its always been something Ive thought of as the cowards way out... but then again there have been instances where Ive thought it was the right thing to do. For instance, the people who jumped out of windows when the trade centre was hit. I would do that as apposed to burn to death. A few years ago, when I lived abroad, We lived in Southern Africa in the early to mid 90s, when AIDS was known but still kinda being ignored by a lot fo the local africans, We knew a French man, who was a lovely bloke, but I must admit i put it around quite a bit. Anyway, he found out he had contracted AIDS, so killed himself. In that case, I think i would probably do that to
  15. thenewborn

    Should Rhodesian Ridgebacks be Re-named?

    No they shouldnt be renamed. Just because the place is called Zimbabwe now? Bombay is really called Mumbai, but its still called bombay potatoes. Its not the country desperately clinging onto the colonial past, but its like when they changed german shephards name to alsation during the world war. Pointless. Great dogs though... both ridgebacks and german shephards

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